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Pulsating Stomach

I'm a 21 year-old, healthy female. I don't smoke, nor do I drink.

My stomach has been pulsating for the past 3 months, akin to my heart beat. Its most noticeable when I'm laying down, its locating in the upper right quadrant of my stomach. I've been to the doctor and the ER and they told me that my aorta was a normal diameter by way of an ultrasound, and gave me a rectal exam to make sure I wasn't bleeding. But they didn't have any answers for me and they sent me home.
My stomach is still pulsating and I don't know what's causing it. Any ideas?

I've also noticed in the past 2 months, that every bowel movement I have, have consisted of small pebble-like stools.  I have them regularly every day, and I keep myself hydrated so I don't think I'm constipated. Not sure if it relates to my stomach pulsating, but I'm not sure what's causing that either.
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I have recently had a CT with oral (barium) contrast, as well as iodine contrast via IV. My doctor said that every thing was fine, however I'm still experiencing the pulsations as well as the small stools. Any thoughts?
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The pulsations felt in the abdomen are normally found in some thin persons.If you are feeling the pulsations and at the same time having pebble like stools,it means that there is increased peristaltic activity but there is some form of intestinal obstruction which is not letting the stools to move forward.
This obstruction can be due to diet low in fiber, over-use of stimulant laxatives (e.g., senna, castor oil, and certain herbs), hypothyroidism and hyperparathyroidism(by raising the calcium levels in the blood), intestinal pseudo-obstruction, Hirschsprung's disease, Chagas disease,colon inertia(nerves and/or muscles of the colon do not work normally) and pelvic floor dysfunction(the muscles of the lower pelvis that surround the rectum (the pelvic floor muscles) do not work normally).
Moreover,abdominal aortic aneurysm(AAA)has to be ruled out. . An aortic aneurysm is a weak spot in the wall of the aorta, the primary artery that carries blood from the heart to the head and extremities. Atherosclerosis(cholesterol deposits) is the main cause of AAA.
I sincerely advise you top consult a gastroenterologist and get an ultrasound or CT abdomen along with magnetic resonance angiography done to rule out AAA.
Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted on how you are doing or if you have any additional queries.

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