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Question about CT Scan

Hello, I am a 46 year old male with occasional (few times a day) dull ache (scale 1-10, 1 or 2) in the lower right abdomen.  No change in stool, frequency or color.  No blood to my knowledge.  Just the occasional pain, gas and rumbling intestines.  Had a cat scan done and it was clear, but have a few questions:

1. Dr. mentioned a little scarring on one of my lungs and asked if I had any upper respitory infections lately.  I can't recall anything more than a touch of a cold or allergies.  Since he said nothing else, should I be concerned at all?

2. I know the colonoscopy is my next step, but how good is the CT scan in seeing anything in the colon?

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Hi. I do believe that "with contrast" is better.  They can see the organs better.  But, having a Colonoscopy to see inside the colon is the best way to visualize it.  If you have polyps or such, they can remove them at the same time.  But definately get the colonoscopy.  My moms colon cancer went undiagnosed for a year before the colon ruptured from the tumor. If shed had a colonoscopy, she would probably still be alive.  Good luck!!
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It was with contrast...I drank white stuff then they put the IV in...

Is that better?
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Hi, I had a scaring on my chest x-ray too, apparently its from pneumonia I had when I was quite younger.  Mine was nothing to worry about.  A lot of times old infections leave their mark so to say.  lol. As for the abdominal pain, I definately would do the colonoscopy.  My mom had colon cancer, so I agree that it is the best tool to rule it out.  You could have a funny acting appendix.  Or diverticulitis, Irritable bowel syndrome, etc.  The CT scan is a good test, you didn't mention if it was done with or without contrast.  They either make you drink it or put it in your IV or both.  It can diagnose more diseases that way.  Good luck!!
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Definitely go in for the colonoscopy- it saves lives! You'll feel a lot better than not knowing, ya know? Colonoscopy exams show much more detail than any other test for that area. It will give the best answer to whatever problem it may or may not be. Good luck to you!
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