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Question about Neurological Event

I had a "neurological event" last year in January, it seemed like a stroke at first as my speech was completely garbled on the morning that it happened.  Went to ER fearing the worst, during MRI they moved my head and neck around a bunch and then my speech returned to normal.  They monitored me for a couple of days and ran ECG, EKG, the MRI of course, CAT scan.  Found no evidence of stroke or any other issues and released me.  They put me on cholesterol medicine and daily aspirin just in case.  Wore a heart monitor for a month to see if that was an issue, nothing from that. Basically no one could figure out what had happened. Problem is, my memory hasn't been great since then, I remember some things but struggle with the names of people I worked with 6 months ago.  I also have a headache that comes and goes in the upper back left area of my head, Tylenol or any other medicine won't dent it.  Have had it for up to 2 weeks at a time and it goes away just as mysteriously as it comes.  Wondering what my options are, or if I should seek further treatment/diagnosis.  Just wondering if anyone out there has experienced something like this or could give me any good advice.  I am just struggling through life right now and doing okay but I am constantly hounded by whatever this is. Thanks for any help you can give to me.
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To me that sounds like it might be symptoms of a complex migraine or a
hemiplegic migraine both can mimic stroke. But just to be safe I was ask for a a angiogram to look at the blood vessels and arteries in your head
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Agree with the moderator. Sounds like a transient ischemic attack (TIA). For more info:

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Yeah that was the wierd part, the doctors couldn’t even find any evidence of a TIA. I also had carotid ultrasound and no issues from that. If nothing else, the headache issue isn’t badly debilitating at least. The memory issues are workable so far, and the headache didn’t occur with the initial event so it could just be something new. I am in that limbo where I don’t have a real answer and worry every time something new happens.
Welcome to medicine, where there are lots of gray areas. Many times, you can only just try to rule things out, one by one.
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Hello and welcome to the forum.  We appreciate your question but that is frustrating you don't have any answers.  There are things that do mimic strokes and mini strokes or transient ischemic attacks.  These include migraine, partial seizures or even very low blood sugar.  You have been thoroughly examined and tested and they showed no blockages, correct?  This is good news but know that it really leaves you wondering what happened and why you continue to have some memory issues.  You are working with a neurologist currently?
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