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Question about Pneumonia and Hives

Hello, this is my first post here so sorry if I'm not doing it right.
I had been sick with a high fever and coughing for about a week and one night developed a rash that covered my entire body so I went to the ER. There they said that it was hives and they also took a chest xray because I was coughing uncontrollably. The xray came back and I was diagnosed with pneumonia. I was given an antibiotic (7 days) and prednizone (5 days) and benedryl as needed (which I took every night for about 4 nights when the hives started to flare up.) After starting the antibiotic my cough cleared up very fast! However, the hives lingered, but got slightly better each night. The hives faded and by the 7th night they were gone. I had a few nights of no hives and I thought everything had resolved itself. But, last night I got another pretty bad episode of hives (rash all over legs and arms, some stomach that looks like a sunburn and was extremely itchy-woke me up.) I took benedryl and used an ice pack and it went away.
Called my doctor this morning and she told me to try Zyrtec before bed and benedryl on top of that if I still get hives.

My question is: Are the hives happening because of the pneumonia? While I was on the antiobiotic the hives seemed to get better, but now that I am off of the antibiotic they are coming back. Maybe my hives are letting me know that the pneumonia is still in me (walking pneumonia?)
OR is it more likely that the two are totally unrelated and I am simply getting hives due to something strange I ate and am reacting to (I have some food allergies but avoid them completely)?
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Occasionally a viral or bacterial infection, or a focus of infection can act as a "trigger" for urticaria.
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Hives (urticaria) and pneumonia are very rarely related. Hives typically are an allergic reaction to something you're picking up in your environment whether it be at home, at work or at the shops. The pneumonia was likely an incidental finding at the time. Keep an eye on your temperature and go to an emergency room if you spike a high fever or feel severely short of breath. Otherwise continue taking the antihistamines as prescribed.
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