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Question about colonscopy...

Ok i went to the docs on friday. They did a rectal exam, fingerprick and took 8 vials of blood. I called to get my results today and my doc said all if my bloodwork is normal but they are waiting for 1 more test which should be back by thursday. They seem to think i have colitis but are not sure and said i may need a colonoscopy (when i talked to them on friday). I have been sufferring the past month from constant bowel movements/urges to have one as well as a lot of dark red blood. Seeing as my bloodwork is normal and seeing as i dont know what the other test is theyare waiting for or the results, does this mean that i am aimed in the direction to get a colonscopy since all my bloodwork is normal ad arent sure of the other esults or if it is colitis?
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Yes I think you should definitely find out why you have blood in the stool. The colonoscopy can help with that. I have had one and it is nothing. The day before you are given pills which may you go and you have to fast except for eating lemon jello (you can't eat red jello) and some type of broth as I recall. The day off the colonoscopy they give you an IV and you get put under for about 20 minutes. You don't feel a thing. They give you your results soon after. I would get it done to see what is going on as soon as possible.
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Thank you so much, i really appreciate it and makes me feel a lot better to know they put you to sleep, i didnt know they did haha
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Yes, but make sure the doctor you are going to does put you under. I heard that some doctors don't. I would go to one that does for sure!
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