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What is the difference between swollen glands and swollen lymph nodes in the neck?
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Well, lymph nodes and glands are often interchangeably used by a number of people. However lymph nodes are a part of lymphatic system that fights infection. Glangs are usually secreting organs that secrete something—hormone, mucus, sweat, tear etc. The nurses you went to, both meant lymph nodes. The first did not find any swollen one where as the second one found them in your neck.
Since the two nurses gave two different diagnosis it would be good if you can consult a doctor. If the tonsils are swollen and if you have swollen glands in the neck then you should take antibiotics. Also sine you have fatigue for so long, there is a lingering infection for sure.
The symptoms of discomfort from left ear, to the angle of jaw on the left side along with fatigue can be due to heart problem too. It can also be due to blockage in the left ear canal or Eustachian tube due to accumulation of secretions as in sinusitis, tonsillitis. Appearance of swollen glands (if at all there are) can also cause some stiffness. Presence of glands should also raise the suspicion of infectious mononucleosis.
It would be good if you could consult a doctor.
Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
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I forgot to mention, I had heavy fatigue from around 3 weeks ago until this week.
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I had a heavy cough about 3 weeks ago that has since faded.

Since then, I have experienced moving discomfort from my left ear, to the angle of my jaw on the left side, and now stiffness / general discomfort in my neck under my jaw. My throat is pink, but tonsils are swollen. The left side of my tonsil wall is wavy, instead of the normal smooth. The top of one of the "waves" on the left side has a small white crest that looks like a cancor sore.

The first nurse told me that I had Tonsillitis and to try to find some anti-biotics.

I went to the second nurse in hope of anti-biotics and was told that I am being troubled by sinus problems, but to come back in two weeks if the issue gets worse or doesn't go away with decongestants and cough drops.

The first nurse told me that I do not have swollen lymph nodes in my neck, and the second nurse told me that the glands in my neck are swollen - what's the difference?

Based on my symptoms, should I push for anti-biotics or wait the two weeks?

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