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Rash, aching, weakness.. :(

Hi friends,

About a month ago I started getting a rash - small red bumps - on the left side of my lower back, I didn't think much of it, it didn't itch or anything. Next was little dizzy spells and hot/cold sweats (I've had them much worse before but not constant like it was then).The rash spread over to the over side of my back - none on my spine though so that's good. Then I got a very bad sore throat and cold etc, it lasted for about a week of hell and then I was good again and moved on.

The rash never left though and is still there. I got a little dizzy spell recently but it passed but now I'm aching, hot and cold (mostly hot) spells and I'm being even less productive than usual.

Any ideas? I really don't want to get ill again so I'm not pushing it like I did last time but it's very frustrating feeling like this.

Thanks for any help or advice...
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it could be an alergic reaction to something possibly new medication go to gp as he will tell you what to take or not
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Hi Betty

Given that your rash has not dissipated, and you are still having some occasional dizziness, I'd get yourself scheduled with your primary care physician, or one of his associates (PA or NP).  Many times it's just a matter of starting new detergent or fabric softener sheets or foods, that create rashes, but being that you also have had some dizziness, I highly doubt it's because of a new product.  Rashes also can be caused by failing to rinse properly after a shower, or even conditioner that can stay on your body in areas that are hard to reach, and given that it doesn't itch you, chances are that it's not from dry skin.  I'm sure your physician can provide you with information on it, and perhaps order some lab work to see if anything is out of whack.  Good luck to you!
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