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My little sister was sleeping and woke up with a rash all over her back, shoulders, arms, and neck. She said she felt hot and that her back was wet when she woke up. What is it? Is this dangerous? What do you recommend we use?
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I wanted to add to this because my son recently experienced the same thing.  He had scarlet fever, which basically comes with strep throat for some people.  It started just like that, I noticed tiny red dots all over his body.  We got medicine for his strep and then just gave him oatmeal baths and used non scented lotion.  It got really bad and the entire top layer of his skin ended up peeling off.  It was not fun.  Just a suggestion, hope I could help.
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This looks like urticaria or hives. The swellings or wheals produced after itching can be pale (of skin color) or red. Urticaria is usually triggered by allergens, such as drugs, foods, insect bites, inhaled substances, in response to sunlight, cold, heat, stress, exercise, or a viral infection. Other common allergens are pollen, mold, dust, pet dander, or cosmetics. Since your sister experienced an itch, just tell her to go over these possibilities in your mind. Something may strike her. In many cases, hives clear up themselves and don’t require diagnosis or treatment. However if they persists your sister may need to see a specialist called an allergist to determine what is causing the reaction.
Calamine lotions and other over the counter preparations with camphor/menthol do help to reduce the itch. Try a soft cotton ball dipped in cool water applied over the itchy areas instead. Please ask your sister to consult her PCP for primary examination followed by proper referral. Hope this helps. Take care!
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