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Really Scared! + D-Dimer test, new heart murmur, Migraines, fatigue that is not new

i'll try to keep it short.  I am really really really scared.  The other day i had stabbing chest pain on 2 occasions in the same spot, several hours apart, right over my heart.  And lots and lots of palpitations which are kind of normal for me.   I went to my doc the next morning and she was concerned.  She found a new heart murmur...a small one...and did not seem so concerned about it.....but she did some blood tests...one was a d-dimer to "rule out" a pulmonary embolism, blood clot, etc.  Well, it came up POSITIVE.  So, doc called me at home in the evening and had me go directly to the emergency room for a ct scan with contrast.  I am not at all good with this stuff....i get very anxious.  Anyway, they did not find any blood clot in my chest and sent me home.  (no leg scans or anything else done)
In addition, I have been having really bad headaches for the past year.  I keep going in to the doc and getting antibiotics for a horrible sinus infection....hurts and pressure around my eyes....  so i had an appt with an ear,
nose, throat doc..to see if i need sinus surgery...and.he told me that there is nothing wrong with my sinus' and that i must be having migraines!  This was a huge surprise.
Now, I am left worrying....WHY was my D-dimer elevated?   It was .60 and the normal was up to .49 i think.  Do i have a blood clot waiting somewhere in my body?  Do I have cancer?  WHy am I having Migraines?  What the hell is wrong with me?  Why am I always sooo tired?  Why do i have these sweating spells like i am in the desert in the summer only i am the only one in the room that thinks it is hot.
I am 42, married, F, mom, ---  on paxil/zoloft for anxiety which usually work for the anxiety but not for this kind of stress......and 1000 mg metformin for IR...and I was on Yasmine birth control but my doc took me right off of that the other day.   So my pcos symptoms are sure to return very soon.
Anyway, i guess i did make this long.  Sorry.
I am most worried about this D-Dimer thing.  Then, the new heart murmur...what is that????  .and my fatigue...but i also did test + for high thyroid...hypothyroid.
I CANNOT DIE and I am literally afraid something is really wrong here.
I have a special needs kid, and she needs me.
I am going back to the doc tomorrow but i have been worrying for a few days now.
thanks if you made it this far.
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You've had the chest CT and if you had a clot in your leg you'd KNOW about it so I wouldn't read too much into the D Dimer test. And where did you get the idea that you had cancer? At this stage, the only thing that's going to "kill" you is your obsessive health anxiety.
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hi fred...hehe yes i am definitely freaking out here.  definitely scared.

I got the cancer idea from a few websites that said high d-dimer tests can also mean cancer.  

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It's true some cancers can cause thromboses -which you don't have. One of them is pancreatic cancer. I actually DID develop a thrombosis in my leg followed by symptoms which were PERFECT MATCH for pancreatic cancer!! Or so I thought. But can you imagine the anxiety I had? Anyway, an endoscopic ultrasound showed normal pancreas and my blood clot was put down to the fact I have inherited a clotting factor which makes me more prone to blood clots.

The long and the short of it, the mind is a powerful thing and can play all sorts of tricks on you. If you LET it! You've been checked out and thankfully you're OK. So live every day of your life to the full and enjoy every minute. :)

p.s. Positive D Dimer can also be caused by medications you're taking and I've even read that people who are bidridden for a few days can show up positive. So it's a good idea to stay active and keep your cardiovascular system healthy.

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