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Really hoping someone can help..SCARED!!!


   I'm really worried there's something wrong with my kidneys and would like to know if anyone can help shed some light on what's happening.  Last June after having my second csection i ended up back in the hospital in alot of pain. Pain seemed to radiate into my shoulder blades mostly on my left side.  The hospital that did the csection then performed an ultrasound of all the major organs that would cause this type of pain. Everything showed up all clear except tech said my right kidney is smaller then my left on the report.  they didn't say anything to me while in the hospital but my normal family doctor picked up on this when i went to see her weeks after.  She then booked me an appointment with a kidney specialist.  Anyway over half a year later and i'm finally getting in to see him next thursday.  Problem is i've been having a dull pain off and on in my right kidney (which is the one that was smaller)...i'm so scared the kidney is failing or else there's a stone blocking things up. I did have a stone years ago that passed on it's own but i had ended up with a bladder infection because of it. What are the symptoms of a stone that is doing damage to the kidney? Or kidney failure? Also if one kidney fails does the other always follow? Would i be in more pain if it were a stone or maybe an infection? It's usually just a dull ache but sometimes i do get little shooting pains.  Seems to be worse when i lift something heavy or bend down.  No fever and urine looks and smells normal.  Can anyone help or share your story of stones/kidney disease? I really appreciate it in advance :) Also what will the specialist do, does anyone know?
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my son was born with an enlarged left kidney and 8 stones on the other kidney,he has a number of tests,he had a dye run through his body to checked for blockages he had loads of scans and was put on tremthopine to avoid water infections,all has turned out fine he has made a full recovery,also my husband only has one kidney his left one was covered with cysts,he lives a perfectly normal life with just one kidney.If your kidneys were failing you would look yellow especially in the eye area,you have waited an awful long time to see someone and i hope it all turns out really well for you,please let me know how you get on.
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thanks..i've never had any symptoms other then the kidney stone i had years ago and now this pain..i wouldn't have known if they didn't do an ultrasound after my son was born...funny thing is i had xrays done when i had the stone years ago and nobody said anything then about it being smaller.
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Just seek help dont be scared! kidney stones Just pass through dont let them take out your kidney because every 7 years you will need a new one or die.Thats something they dont tell people about changing parts every 7 years it goes bad because your body changes and gets rid of foreign part.You would have better chance if you gave birth then take part away.Of course the baby would die Religion comes to play ( I was shocked one day I dont tell people but I Yelled a prayer out loud and seen and talked to what they said God and Christ & a woman they said They eat us Sometimes have Devils cook us.I was scared but One Put his arm out stiff and said( I summon thee) and 4 completely red Devils came up straight stiff up and told about the Bible they keep the Books and cook thats all they do their slaves)
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I would never off known my son had bad kidneys if they hadnt of told me,i am sure you are going to be fine,it could just be a simple infection in the kidney,this can happen and your wee wont smell any different.As for every 7 years you need a new one,i have never heard of that,my husband has lived with 1 kidney for 34 years and hasnt had one problem at all.
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Thanks..i don't think it's an infection because it's not continuously sore...and my doctor told me i'd be in the hospital pretty sick if it was a kidney infection.  I guess you get pretty sick with a temp and can hardly walk the pain is that bad..this is just a dull ache that comes and goes..i'm just worried because the ultrasound showed my kidney was smaller and i have no idea why
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and rick..not much you said makes much sense but thanks anyway
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