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Recurrent abdominal, flank, and chest pain...

i am 19 years old, female. i weigh 113, but i didnt reach 100 pounds until the end of 9th grade.
ever since i can remember i have had random chest pain, mild-severe, sometimes making it feel hard to breathe. the chest pain used to be real bad, but the past couple of years its lessened alot. But i also have had recurrent abdominal pain, all different areas, but mainly the upper middle abdomenal area and around my sides right below my rib cage. I usually get the pain randomly about 4-6 times a week. (mild to severe) sometimes lasting 15 min to many hours. along with that i get flank pain (pain in the middle area of my back) that feels like a toothachy pain. that usually lasts for hours. that comes and goes, but usually lasting for a week or two, then stops for another week or two. And ive always had alot of fatigue and occasional dizzyness. i get a feeling of weakness quite often. i cant stand for long periods at a time without feeling weak or dizzy. I get alot of nausea as well. I have been to the doctors alot, and have described my symptoms, but no one seems to know whats wrong with me, they just kinda look at me like im crazy. Ive had two UTI's and two kidney infections within that last couple years. and ive also had a kidney stone in 2006. i would really like to know whats wrong with me, so if you have ANY ideas at all, please let me know! I was born with the single umbilical artery, i dont know if that has anything to do with it at all, but please help me if you can! thanks
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Since when are you having these symptoms? Do you have any other associated complaints?

Are you on any medications currently?

You could take some antireflux antinausea medications and see if they help with your symptoms - this could be pain due to reflux or GERD.

Consult your doctor if the symptoms persist and discuss whether you need to get any investigations.

You should eat a high fibre diet with fresh fruits, salads and vegetables and try to avoid junk food.

You would probably need an ultrasound abdomen and endoscopy if your symptoms persist.

Has a chest xray been done to rule out any rib fracture, chest infection, or air in the pleural space?

There could be several causes of the symptoms you are having including a muscle pull, injury or trauma at the site, chest infection, gall stones, etc.

You should apply some local pain relief medications, take some oral pain relief medications, maintain a proper posture throughout the day, try some warm compresses.

You could take some antireflux antinausea medications and see if they help with your symptoms - this could be pain due to reflux or GERD.

Consult your doctor if the symptoms persist and discuss whether you need to get any investigations including a chest xray and ECG done.

You should also get a urine examination done to rule out a current urinary infection.

Let us know if you need any further information and post us about how you are doing.

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thank you for your response...
i am not currently on any medications.
i have been taking tramadol to relieve some of the pain
ive never had any x-rays on my chest, but i have had them on my abdomenom when they were looking for kidney stones.. but they havent said anything about what could be wrong. i recently had an MRI that came back normal too. i did have another kidney infection a few weeks ago. but these symptoms have been for years, still not stopping. My GYN said i have a mild case of endometriosis, but i dont think that would be the cause of all my symptoms would it?
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Glad to know that the post was of some help to you. All the symptoms you have could be associated with the endometriosis you are having.

' major symptom of endometriosis is severe recurring pain. The amount of pain a woman feels is not necessarily related to the extent or stage (1 through 4) of endometriosis. Some women will have little or no pain despite having extensive endometriosis affecting large areas or having endometriosis with scarring. On the other hand, women may have severe pain even though they have only a few small areas of endometriosis.

Symptoms of endometriosis can include (but are not limited to):

- dysmenorrhea - Painful, sometimes disabling menstrual cramps; pain may get worse over time (progressive pain)
- Chronic pelvic pain - typically accompanied by lower back pain and/or abdominal pain, painful sex , painful bowel movements
- Nausea, vomiting, and/or diarrhea
- dysuria - Urinary urgency, frequency, and sometimes painful voiding
- Infertility and subfertility. Endometriosis may lead to fallopian tube obstruction.

Some women may also suffer mood swings and fatigue.

In addition, women who are diagnosed with endometriosis may have gastrointestinal symptoms that may mimic irritable bowel syndrome.'


The only way to confirm and diagnose endometriosis is by laparoscopy or other types of surgery. The diagnosis is based on the characteristic appearance of the disease, if necessary corroborated by a biopsy. Laparoscopy also allows for surgical treatment of endometriosis.

Generally, endometriosis-directed drug therapy is utilized after a confirmed surgical diagnosis of endometriosis.

Let us know if you need any other information and do review with your OBG.

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