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Recurring bubble inside of lower lip

I have a recurring bubble in the exact same spot everytime on the inside of my lower lip. It appears to be mostly clear. It has a white center and is a near perfect half circle. The bubble looks like it's separated into little oval shaped pods. Imagine a daisy with a solid center and petals in a perfect circle. Same shape anyhow. No pain, swelling or other discoloration around it. I've bit it, pierced it, and squeezed it and it empties with a little blood and some clearish fluid more solid then water. It comes back same as before. I have no idea what it is, any ideas? Could it be serious? I don't presently have a doctor but i could get one if i had to. Thanks
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Maybe cankor sore but see a dentist or doc if it keeps coming back.
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Google is my doctor, but for anything of concern, I always get a second opinion because Google is a bit of a quack.

For instance I recently asked Dr. Google about a small mouth ulcer on the inside of my lip. It's been there 3 weeks and appears set to stay. I searched on lump, translucent, purplish, hard, clear, mouth, ulcer, blister, canker... Google's diagnosis? Mouth Cancer. It was pretty clear-cut. For other complaints I've tended to be given a range of diagnoses from terminal to embarrassing but benign. In this case there seemed to be no options. I’d have to have part of my face removed and reconstruction surgery with bits of my arm.

So I went off to my dentist as recommended. He spent less than 30 seconds examining my sore, and then charged me $50 for his diagnosis: blocked saliva gland.

It turns out that if the mouth sore tends to wax and wane in size (as mine does) it's unlikely to be cancer as that's a one-way growth story.

And the cure? It seams the treatment largely involves some form of self-mutilation (you can lance it and if it still doesn't clear up, a deeper incision may do the trick). Of course the dentist is willing to do the dirty work for another $100 or so but there's no guarantees it won't come back.

I've now attacked it with a variety of pins, razors and tweezers to no avail. My efforts tend to result in blood, a small infection, then a remission of about a day before it's back.

I think I need to google for a supplier of special implements for auto-surgery.

Anyway, that's my contribution to Google the quack on the subject of benign mouth conditions (along with suitably gross picture). The moral of the story is, don't panic before you get a second opinion as Google is a bit of an alarmist.

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