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Reoccurent Kidney and UTI infections

I am a 22 year old female.I am having reoccurent UTI'S and now I have a Kidney infection. In fact I have had 10 UTI's in the past 12 months. Each time I am treated and with-in a week or two, I have another one. I 've had 8 cases of BV, as well.My body has built immunities to Bactrim. It no longer works. I am now on Cipro. I follow all the guidelines the dr. tells me. I have been tested for all STD's including Clamydia-all were Negative.I also have Cold pale and numbness in my toes, anemia,extreme fatigue, some arthritus in my hands, and my complextion has turned a bit sallow.Also at times foam and blood(blood once) in my urine. I went through something similar about 3 years ago, and then all the sudden one day, the UTI'S stopped. Now I am going through this again. About 2 yrs ago I went to a walk in clinic, and he said I had +4 protien in my urine???And I now have a hard lump in the internal opening of my vagina. The dr. said my vagina was coated in White blood cells, but no BV, Yeast or STD'S.The reason I bring all of this up,is because I beleive it is all related. 3yrs ago when I went through this ,I had these same symptoms,and now during this current spell, I have all the same syptoms again. My Grandmother Died of Systematic Lupus, when she was 31....This couldn't possibly be related could it?? If not what does this sound like??? And no offense, but based on prev. responses....I am not obcessing or imagining these symptoms. Infec. are documented with Dr. I am trying to keep up with my 1 yr. old, and I always feel awful!!!Please help!!!!!!!!!!!
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I also forgot to mention- Each time I have sex I pee right before and immediately afterwards. I use unfragranced soap, wear cotton undies. I always wipe from front to back. I take showers instead of baths ,now. I am very hygenic. So that is not to blame.( I do not use any feminine hygiene products, though).
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Sorry , I alos forgot to mention, sometimes when me and my BF have sex in certain positions, I get a sharp pain during sex. Can be quite painful at times. Please help.
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SORRY...I also forgot to mention that I occasionally(3 different times now) My lymphnodes have swollen up in my neck not throat, and along the back of my head. In fact two were very tender to the touch, and felt wierd when you pressed down on them.
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also some hair loss, this has just been for the past 2 months. It's almost as signigant hair loss as right after I had my daughter.
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Have you had your kidneys checked to make sure they are functioning properly? My sister has had 2 UTI's in the past month so they are checking to see if her kidneys are working properly.
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I have had 4 different dr's over the past 2 yrs, due to insurance changes. And now I have new one all togeather. I have tryed to explain to my current dr. in our first appt togeather...But he kept interupting. He ordered a blood test, and I am suppose to go back next Monday for the results. He told me that I don't need to be tested for lupus...but this was his first time seeing me..I don't understand how he can make that call. I am native american..which makes me 3x more likely to get it, and my grandmother had it... and he didn't even ask to look at the lump. Anyways, I 'm done ranting about that... I am currently trying to get the dr. my previous med. charts, so he can see that something is not right..whether it be lupus or not. This many UTI's and kidney infections is not normal.Along with all the other symptoms.
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Have you been checked for kidney stones? They could cause blood in your urine (visible or not).I was misdiagnosed with UTI's before my stones were discovered. Ask for an IVP. They inject dye into you, and x-ray your kidneys as it passes through. Also a 24 hour urine test is a good idea. They can find all kinds of stuff that way.
As far as you Dr. goes, be blunt with him about your concerns, and ideas. You probably should be tested for lupus as this can cause hair loss, arthritis, cold numb hands and feet (Raynaud's)and protein in your urine. Protienuria is a sign of kidney failure, or damage in lupus patients.
If your Dr. won't take you seriously, get a new one!
Take this seriously from someone who knows.
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I will definetly ask my dr. about the IVP test. Thank you .
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I can certainly understand your frustrations!!  I also am experiencing recurrent UTI's that lead to kidney infections (sometimes)  Doctors seem to be clueless!!  I'm beginning to think the best option is to have one doctor. . one you trust!!  Keep getting those blood test . . document your symptoms.  By the way. . pregancy can bring out Lupus. . my very first signs of this mess . . was 22 years ago after the birth of my second child.  We owe it to our children to find out what it is . . it is very hereditary!!  My mother and both sisters also have major symptoms . . but seem to think I'm crazy for thinking it is Lupus.  Hope I'm wrong . . for my grandson's sake.  Good luck on your journey and hope you find answers soon.  Please share any information you find helpful!!  God Bless!  Remona
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first of all, you are NOT imagining these symptoms.....
second... THIS CAN BE VERY SERIOUS!!!!!! like chronic kidney disease serious, or end stage renal disease serious.

not to scare you... but, to inform you on how you can stop this before it leads to that.  I have been there ladies.  I had constant BV, UTI's (which were always really kidney infections too), and indifferent and negligent doctors who just prescribed me whatever they where prescribing at the time for UTI's.  They did this without ever seeing what bacteria and what antibiotic the infection was susceptible to, and more than that, in chronic cases no thought was given to the underlying cause of re-infection.

Lupus can be a cause of this, but for the author of the question, a bacterial infection is assuredly the cause of her problems.  However,  a SLE test should be performed, it is a simple blood test and there should be no reason for any physician to deny your request to have one.  

ummmmmm..... how is your blood pressure?  sounds like you might have a urethro-vaginal fistula, that is there is a hole connects your vagina to your urethera (or your intestine to your urethra or vagina).  i am concerned that you had a 4+ protein in your urine because this can mean that the glomeri (the tiny filters in your kidneys) are not filtering out things they are supposed to.  this condition is called glomerulonephritis, and often repairs itself after the bacterial infection that caused it has cleared. If this was an isolated test result then that is most likely what happened.    Your body might take a long time to recover from this type of infection.  You may feel very bad for a long time after your tests start cleaning up.
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However, you must be careful with your antibiotic treatments.  Make SURE EVERY TIME YOU ARE PRESCRIBED antibiotics for a UTI you ask for a CULTURE AND SENSITIVITY (C and S) TEST, then you will have to call for the results of that test between 48 hours and 72 hours. Also, and this is SOOOOO important take the WHOLE course of the antibiotics prescribed (unless of course your results from the C and S say differently, they will usually have you talk to a nurse over the phone that will call in a prescription for you, but most times you HAVE TO CALL).  I am surprised you have not been on KEFLEX (Cephelexin) yet since this is a very effective drug against upper an lower UTI infections since it is entirely excreted through the kidneys.  NEVER let a doctor prescribe you the same antibiotic after you have just completed a round of the same and the infection comes back (usually roaring).  This means that you have an infection resistant to the prescribed antibiotic, or you have more than one bacteria at the source

your symptoms in your hands feet and complexion definitely are a signal that something if very wrong with your circulation and toxin retention, you need to have your blood checked often by a chem. 13. pay special attention to these readings:
Serum Creatinine      
Blood Urea Nitrogen
Remember, that you know your body better than any doctor.  i feel that your symptoms might mean that, unfortunately, you have some permament kidney damage.  But the good news is that we have much more kidney function than we need, so when we loose a chunk somehow, our body needs time to adjust but then things start to work like they did.

Okay, I know a lot of information already, I am 26, I have malignant hypertension, and a scarred atrophied left kidney that does not work anymore.  I had 3-5 UTI's/pyleonephritis [kidney infections] a year since I was 12 till I developed hypertension when i was 24.  fortunately, i have not had another infection in about 30  months, but i did develop one early July.  Here are somethings that I do that I feel help a lot...  I have 75% of my kidney function and had a very bad reaction to ACE inhibitors which might be suggestive of  Fibromuscular Displasia.  I still have microscopic hematuria and 1+ protein in my urine.  The most concerning thing to my doctors and I, however, is my blood pressure that is 170/130 on a daily basis (also my pulse is 133 bpm).  

I am frustrated right now and off my medication because I can not find a doctor to find definitely what is wrong and not to just be satisfied with treating the symptoms.
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Here are some things that might help

1.  Relax, Rest, and Remain Connected - since your kidneys do not function at their best when they are being assaulted with bacteria, catecholamines build up in your blood. Catecholamines directly affect how your body deals with stress, so remember to take extra time for yourself, rest more, and talk openly to those who love and support you.  Sometimes, even after they acute part of an infection of this magnitude has healed it can take your body a VERY long time to get back to normal again (kidneys are a major organ you know).  

2.  Mind your Underwear - personally, I go without unless I am on the rag because I found that even with cotton undies i had problems... also, make sure you wear cotton pants too because even if gina can breath through your cotton undies she might not be able to through synthetic material pants. Wear more skirts.

3.  Make sure your BF is wearing a condom when he BFs (anal penetration) you.  I know this sounds crass but, hey, people do.

4.  Make sure your BF is clean.  Make him wash his hands before sexual contact (hey you could make it a part of foreplay!)  and make sure that he does not have something other than the common STD's that he is passing back to you.

5.  EAT YOGURT!!!!!   amazing stuff, your WBC in your vagina are a result of your antibiotic therapy.  Fortunately you have not had the rather alarming and VERY uncomfortable experience of a full blown antibiotic induced yeast infection, but just in case....
you can prevent one by eating yogurt, garlic, and apple cider vinegar (2 TBsp in 8oz glass of water, or shot glass full followed with a 8oz water chaser if you are hard).  

If you have been experiencing BV and yeast infections you can find relief in the same stuff...

for itching associated with a yeast infection yogurt spread on the vulva (and i have heard of injecting a bit into the vagina, but have never tried it) can provide a remarkable reprieve because, antibiotics kill the bad bacteria but also the good bacteria necessary to keep gina happy and healthy because she is always so moist and warm.

for bv garlic works the best!!!! eat a clove and use it generously in your food.  there is actually a pharmecological study in the works right now that uses the antibacterial properties of fresh garlic to treat MRSA, which is a quite serious resistant strain of Staphylococcus Aureus.  Anyway, for a BV infection take a garlic clove and press on it HARD with the heel of your hand on a hard surface, peel away the papery skin, then using a sqaure of cotton material (such as a sheet, a flour towel, NO TERRY), gauze, or cheese cloth, wrap the clove twisting at the end.  If you are worried about retrieval cut the string off a tampon and secure your bundle closed by tying on the open end.  Before bedtime but after coitus of course insert the garlic bundle about 1 inch to 1.5 inches into the vagina.  There might be a burning sensation at first, but this is normal and means that the garlic oil is getting to where it needs to.  Of course if this becomes too uncomfortable, remove it and curse my name :) (oh yeah and make an appointment with a Doctor ASAP).  

Apple Cider vinegar is our gift from the gods!!!!   It naturally helps us restore our Acid balance and does everything from helping heartburn to getting rid of atheletes foot.

6.  OBTAIN AND KEEP YOUR MEDICAL RECORD!!!!!  Get a three ring binder and stick everything related to your medical care in it, organized of course. Never let a physician talk you into taking the information from your personal copy to "copy", tell him you will send him a copy later and find a new doctor.   if you do not have insurance this is absolutely A MUST!!!!!  Unfortunately in this country we have sacrificed our health and our lives to the FREE MARKET.  This means that, basically our lives are sold on the stock market.  You will be discriminated against if you have sought help before and/or owe a balance.  you do have a secret record that you will never see and is shared liberally with other health institutions.  if there has been even a semi-crucial misdiagnoses, you will notice when you request to obtain a copy of your records.  they will take a lot of time to give you your records, you will be approached by administrative staff after you obtain those records.  Sometimes it is just a matter of being EXTRA rude to you.  The only way you can insure that all your information is passed from one doctor to the next is to do it yourself.

Get a hold of the MEDICAL RECORDS DEPARTMENT and request a copy of your records.

7.  Write down questions and concerns you wish to address with the doctor before your appointment, make a copy and hand it to the nurse, when you request your record this document SHOULD be in there.  Make sure that all your questions are answered to your satisfaction and understanding.  

8.  Be proactive in your treatment by making a treatment plan with your doctor. Having a consistant doctor to do this with is VERY difficult when you do not have insurance, that is why it is crucial that you keep your medical record up to date and make a written account of each of your visits and their outcomes, because you probably will end up NEVER being able to see the same doctor twice.  A treatment plan consists of your diagnoses, a goal, drug therapy, lifestyle changes, and  diet changes.

9. eat good food.  Whole simple foods without a lot of extra chemicals in them and of course fruits and vegetables and make sure you eat a FRESH citrus everyday.  Vitamin supplements should be avoided because of the binders in them have a tendency to accumulate in the body.

10.  get at least 15 minutes of sunshine everyday.  Americans get a large amount of vitamin D that is fortified in our staple foods (milk and bread).  While our bodies are ingesting  vitamin D the only way our bodies can utilize it is by natural sunlight.  When we do not get enough sunlight vitamin D accumulates in our bodies and does show a link in the development of cancer.

11. DO NOT USE ANTIBACTERIAL SOAPS!!!!!!!  Especially down there.  This is the biggest, most important tip, you are doing more harm than good.  The best soap to use down there is Castile soap (this is cheap and all natural) it cleanses without stripping the natural oils your body makes.  Soap is a alkaline product and your skin should be a tad acidic.

I hope this has helped… and I wish you the best of luck in maneuvering in our very broken and greedy health care system.  Remember to trust your gut and your body, and that doctors only PRACTICE medicine.  I hope you start feeling better soon, and I empathize deeply because I have been where you are too.  
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oh yeah with the garlic regimin sleep with inserted in vagina but make sure you remove it in the morning!!!!!
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