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Reoccuring infections

I have had reoccurring infections of various kinds over the past several years including styes, cysts in my upper thigh regions, nose, and now a golfball sized abcess on my back. I've been prescribed apo cephalex 4x daily @ 500 mg, and have been taking echinecea and doing hot compresses several times a day. Nothing seems to be helping so far, and when I went in to the clinic doctor, she said it was too hard to lance (on the 20th, it's now 11 pm of the 23rd)....If there is no change by tomorrow, I'll go back to the dr. It seems obvious this is a staph infection, but I am wondering why I have so many flare ups and in different parts of my body? It's been going on for so long now it's extremely hard to take...does anyone have an answer for me?
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It sounds like you have a lowered immunity or are getting exposed to bacteria for example from children who have been at a day care center or some other similar place. After you clear yourself of this abscess try changing towels more often and don't share. Keep everything clean and wash hands more often. Wash clothes that have been exposed to the absces in hot soapy water. Change clothes often. Staph is easily spread and can spread easily. You can get a blood test for a complete blood count and immunoglobulins to see if there is anything amiss. Sometimes people shower so much they remove the long chain fatty acids from their skin and can be more easily infected. After this abscess clears up try every other day. It is a fine balance to keep very clean but also not over do it.
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Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately the antibiotic I was prescribed wasn't working--now I am on Septra twice a day. The abcess has oozed out a tiny amount of red fluid however, but is now mostly flat and long. When I went back to the doctor they did do blood work--I'm not sure if it covered my immunoglobulins? They thought it may be cellulitis or an infected bug bite, but the skin was not red enough for cellulitis and I don't remember being bitten. Has anyone else had this experience? I don't have my blood results back yet.
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I have seen quite a few people on here that get a bug bite then they got cellulitis after. They are usually caused by a Staph aureus infection. Staph is becoming very resistant. It is good if they can give you bacterim (septra) as it is easier to tolerate and causes less problems than some antibiotics but that is if it works. I  hope it clears up soon. Feel free to send your lab work if you wish.
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