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Rheumatological? Cancer? Help!

I'd really appreciate any ideas. I don't currently have a diagnosis and the whole process has been really frustrating (not to mention scary). This has been going on for 4 months now and started with Raynaud's a few months before that.

My symptoms include the following:
- diffuse muscle and joint pain, mostly on my left side
- tingling and numbness in extremities and left side of head
- left side chest pain (both achy and stabbing)
- neck pain
- mid left and right side back pain
- left side abdominal pain
- insomnia
- excessive thirst; drinking in excess of 4 liters of water per day (note: not dry mouth)
- abdominal bloating and feeling of fullness
- general malaise
- Raynaud's attacks in hands and feet
- new and severe headaches
- recent blepharitis
- possible phlebitis on forearms (my doctor unsure but thinks this is what it is)
- pain behind eyes and cheeks
- easy bruising
- mottled, blotchy skin on hands and legs
- isolated petechiae
- low body temp (Usually < 97)

Laboratory Findings:
- liver enzymes are slowly rising and are now at 80
- elevated ESR (~25)
- elevated Sodium level
- reduced blood cell counts (but not significantly)
- gluten intolerance (celiac)
- small hiatal hernia
- elevated IgM

- normal head/chest/abdomen/pelvis CT
- normal abdominal ultrasound
- rheumatological blood tests normal
- normal brain MRI
- normal B12, Thyroid
- neg HIV, Hep B & C
- normal upper endoscopy except for discovery of hiatal hernia
- normal spinal tap

Thanks to anyone who has any input... My doctor has literally given up.
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Forgot to mention.. my lymph nodes are swollen in my neck. And they're quite painful. Also, my last ribs on both sides (the 'floating' ribs) are really tender.
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I'd ask the doctor for a referral to a liver specialist rather than accept that he doesn't know, he needs to send you to someone who DOES know like a Heptologist or a Gastroentrologist. You want to get to the bottom of those raising enzymes.
Stay away from alcohol if you drink and any medications you can do without, they can both raise enzymes. Have they done an ultrasound? A liver biopsy?Are you overweight?
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almost sounds as if your being poisioned.
what could possibly be poisioning you, perhaps deisel exsaust, mercury, lead, something your eating, were you tested for lyme desease.did you get a new job in a new building? sick building syndrome, like formaldihyde poisioning, all that plastic , new carpeting? do you work at a dry cleaner? do you work with chemicals?
do you eat a lot of something not healthy like soft drinks? or eat at resturaunts a lot?
think of un obviouse things too.
hope that helps.
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Have they done an ultrasound?
Yes, I had one recently when I had pancreatitis.

A liver biopsy?

Are you overweight?
Nope. Slightly underweight.

I most definitely need a new Gastroentrologist. Even my Internal Medicine doctor said gee, yeah, your liver enzymes being high is sort of like a fever, we know it's indicative of something but we don't know what... I'll see you in 6 months. Great.

It's funny brtammy mentioned being poisoned.. My blood tested high in arsenic, but the doc said that arsenic passes from your blood quickly so it had to have been a recent exposure. Except, I have been avoiding all tap water, fish, chemicals etc, for months. I eat 100% organic, drink glass bottled reverse osmossis water, live in an older home without any new upgrades. It's a mystery where I got the arsenic from. If I didn't know better I'd suspect my husband. ;O)
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