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Right side chest pain

I am a 54. Year old women. Over weight and have some help issues.  I am wondering if I should go to the ER or not.  I am having sharp grabbing pain under my right breast it is so bad when I lie down lasting longer every time it grabs me.  It also hurts when. I am sitting still really bad.  I had a two days ago I spent all day just about throwing up.  When the grabbing pain happens it feels like it is when my heart is beating.  Also I have been having hard hearts beats at times really fast and hard my body vibrates when this happens. Help me please.
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When this happens you should definitely go to your doctor or ER. It may not be your heart, but it sounds so violent it needs to be checked out!
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   Women don't get angina the same as a man.  And heart attacks don't happen to women the same as men!!  Get to a hospital asap!!!
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I have read the above comments. Yes a heart attack is a possible concern, I agree that chest pain occurs differently in women. ahaving knowledge of other
existing health concerns could help determine what is going on.  For example
rolling and stretcing in or lifting an arm can cause muscular spasms that are stabbing in nature and then last for short periods with no control other than waiting out the pain. Supporting the area makes on feel a little calmer,

Another pain and accompanied by vomiting could originate due to a Hyatal Hernia. That typical hernia is up in the diagpragm area and results in pain after eating. Not all herias cause pain.

Perhaps the pain is referred from appendicitis or imflamation of the lining of the abdomen.  There are many reasons for the pain. Jaw pain and pain under the scapula( affectionately called your wings.  The pallpations can of your heart are frighteming when unexpected. They all kinds of anxiety can cause an
escallation in your conscious pain experience. Scleroderma is another condition that can invade a heart and the lungs.  A back massage has been known to reduce that back pain. Kidney stones can cause very awful pain in
the high back. Cysts generally do not cause pain if known to be small, say a
cyst size 2 MM  There are many other abnormal states that can cause pain and resultant palpitations. So as the folks above suggested going to the ER that could be the safest route for you. While the labs and tests that may be ordered are completed you will be offered comfort and guidance in the next steps to control and diagnose your pain.

Pretty lengthy here. Hope you found some medical help by now. Keep us informed as there is a need here to educate many of us including myself, in empowering the patient to reach out for the right and most direct means to address specific individual frightening and painful signs and symptoms.
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