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Right side flank pain

I have been having right side ovary/groin and flank pain.  I do have a small cyst on left ovary.  My GYN said my right ovary is fine.  I had  miscarriage a 2 months ago (natural).  The pain started about 5 weeks ago.  Went to my reg MD - he did a Renal sonogram and blood test (thought maybe kidney stones). Everything came back normal.  Still having pain. Sometimes its slight and sometimes its strong - either a soreness or poking (weird).  Have to go back to MD on monday  - he said i may need an abdominal CT scan.  Worried worried worried.  Any thoughts? Could it be kidney stones that were not detected?  
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I'm no doctor, but the gold standard for kidney stone detection is a CT urogram with contrast dye through IV. But sonograms and ultrasounds are damn good. Like, just barely not as good as CT, so you're more than likely fine.

Besides, if it was a kidney stone, it would hurt like all Hell. Kidney stones basically are the equivalent to getting shot, or so my friend tells me (he is a cop, and has been shot and had kidney stones). If you had stones, you'd know it.

It could be psychological. That's what has happened to me before.
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thanks for your advice :)  Hoping to get the to the bottom of this pain. So annoying and uncomfortable, but the worry about all the things it could be makes me so upset.  
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Went back to Dr. still having pain, this is going on 6 - 7 weeks.  He has no clue. Sending me to the lab for a more thorough pelvic sonogram.  Worried so much and scared.
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Went for pelvic sonogram. At first the tech said we will just do external. Then said i need to do internal - can't see your right ovary (that is where pain is). She seemed concerned and it took her a while to finish. I am so worried.
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If I were you, I would not be too worried.

If something is incredibly serious and totally out of place, they would not leave you hanging, they would let you know ASAP if there was something that was urgent.

It could also be the phenomena of functional unexplained abdominal pain. I actually have it, and it is not uncommon. A good amount of people that suffer chronic abdominal pain have IBS most of the time, and if not (I forget the exact name of the condition, I will look for it) they likely have the medically unexplainable, yet harmless even if painful condition I just mentioned.

If something was glaringly wrong, I sincerely doubt they would not have picked it up on the external sonogram.

Best Wishes!
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Thanks so much for your kinds words and advice and feedback.  The sonogram in the lab came back normal (aside from small fibroid and small cyst - which i knew i had - also had  big fibroid removed 6 years ago). MD thought the results were very minor,but should not cause pain.  He sent me to GI doctor, who did a quick exam and all looked out.  But insisted i get the CT scan of Abdomen and pelvic area with contrast.  Did that on Sat, due for follow up this thursday. Still she some pain. It goes from slight soreness discomfort to  pretty bad.  My worry and anxiety of what it could be makes me more sick than anything.  Hoping for something very minor and treatable. Our bodies are miracles and mysteries.  Sending good vibes and health to everyone out there :)))
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I honestly think you'll be fine. When something is hard for doctors to pinpoint for a long period of time, and there are is only one symptom or maybe 2, then it is usually very treatable.

It is when you have many symptoms all indicating a larger problem that you need to worry. Usually more symptoms=worse chances and usually vice versa.

Try your best not to worry, the stress won't help, and if something is wrong you can't self treat, tell the docs absolutely everything and they will do their best.

Stay well.
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Thanks Joe! Report showed several fibroids and one growing into cervix. But still having pain. MY Gyn said let wait and see. Going for 2nd opinion today,
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