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Right side pain

Last night I woke up at around 2 am and it was hot so I took of my jumper, and I was thirsty so I drank what was left of my water on my bedside table. No more than 10 seconds later, I felt pain on the right side of my upper torso. Painful, what felt like cramps even, from the right side of my stomach, to under my ribs where it was particularly painful, to under my right breast. I ended up on my knees with my head on my pillow and arms holding my head for about 30 minutes with the pain which bought tears to my eyes. Does anyone have any idea what happened?
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Appendix pain is usually felt in the lower abdomen and typically on the right side, sometimes accompanied with vomiting, diarrhea, and fever.

With the upper side, if this is immediately under your right breast and by the rib cage, it would indicate a liver and gall bladder problem.  

Pain on the side together with the front and back can indicate a kidney problem either a kidney infection (the pain would be there all the time) or kidney stone and the pain would be intermittent.  When a kidney stone moves this is when you feel the excruciating pain.  Watch what your urine looks and smells like.  If it is cloudy this indicates a urinary infection.  If it is dark it may be a sign of blood in the urine as well as you not drinking enough water.  Offal smelling urine is definitely an indication of urinary problems, but you would not necessarily get this in the early stages of a urinary problems.

Make sure that you drink plenty of water.  2-3 litres per day, more if you are very hot and sweating and working out.  But do not drink gallons and gallons because that will make you ill.

I would suggest you see your doctor and take a morning urine sample with you.  Hopefully the doctor will take a blood test to check your kidney and liver functions and possibly send you for ultrasound to check your kidneys and liver.

Best wishes.

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No i never eat anything fatty before I go to bed.
It happened again last night, my friend thought appendicitus but isn't it continuous pain? I think I will get my gallbladder checked
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Gall stone or sludgy gallbladder???  Did you eat anything fatty before bed?  Have your gallbladder checked out.
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