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Saliva glands, chronic dry mouth

My doctors and I are trying to figure out why my mouth is so dry. I am being checked for Sjögren’s syndrome but I don’t think it will be it.

About 3 months ago my tonsils started looking like a had a strep infection. I got tested right away but it was negative and I felt fine. Now they’re still there, the tonsils are oddly swollen but not big and the strep looking streaks are now more yellow than white.

I’m starting to wonder if this could be a gland issue. I have had constant dry mouth for almost 10 years now. I am looking for experiences in cases where it hasn’t been insanely obvious by let’s say a visible swelling. I have ear pain frequently. But no sign of infection in my ears. My throat is sore a couple of times a month but I’m never sick with fever or the like. I suddenly produce a lot of tonsil stones and can taste it in my mouth.

It would make a lot of sense if I’ve had a semi aggressive something whether it be a half blocked duct or milder infection or something for all these years. Would explain a lot.
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Dry mouth and swollen tonsils are common together. There is something called "dry mouth syndrome" which is just that, chronic dry mouth.  Believe it or not, 10% of the population is said to have this!  There are things that make it worse such as not drinking enough on a regular basis, smoking or tobacco product use in general, dry climate, etc.  But most people never really figure out a cause.
How to treat . . . there are medications that stimulate salivary glands?  Has that ever been offered to you?  There are a couple of choices of those.  There are mouth rinses  such as biotene Dry Mouth rinse. Home remedy is to chew sugar free gum or to s uck on sugar free candy-----  they have xylitol in them that help.  (also why dogs shouldn't get your sugar free stuff, not good for them).  They make substitute saliva products that are otc too --- gels and such.  

Have you asked your doctor about the blocked duct?  Can they check you for that?
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Thank you for your answer! I’m going to the ER (not the hardcore one) tomorrow as it’s getting ridiculous. I can smell the pus smell from my own mouth. The entire tonsil itself isn’t swollens, it’s like it got an additional growth? And where there used to be like cavities where tonsilstones sometimes appeared there is now something else “filling” the holes up. Some kind of tissue. It’s ridiculous.

I haven’t been offered anything at a.. I have to come up with everything myself :(
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Have you seen an ear, nose and throat specialist? The ER is for emergencies, it sounds like you need to see a doctor who specializes in the e,n,t area..
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It's frustrating when you 'know' something is going on with no answers.  What do you mean not a 'hardcore' er?  Like an urgent care type of thing?  It would be good to go somewhere that you can get ongoing care and go back for a recheck.  Please let me know what the doctor says after seeing you today, okay?
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Hello again. Th doctor looked and did swabs and my throat is fine. I was so sure that she wasn’t gonna say that but she couldn’t find anything.
I don’t live in the states so I don’t know what this kind of ER is called, it’s a regular doctor just that you don’t need to schedule an appointment, but it’s not like the ER where the ambulance takes you or the like so their care is a bit different, more like a GP.

I’m gonna bring this up with my regular doctor who I see regularly, just wanted to have on file while my throat was acting up in case it would give som valuable clues :(

I haven’t seen an ENT yet, I have to go through a GP to go to one and we are dealing with so many issues that I have right now, trying to figure out what could be what.. but I’ll definitely ask to see one since you guys suggested it!
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