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Screwd up my hand, Scared how it may heal

I'm 17 and I recentley had some huge issues with stress and the loss of a loved one and was in school when this happened and punched a locker. I thought I broke my pinky to all hell, but it healed but still hurt form time to time, but 3 days ago, I got angry at my gf for cheating on me and punched my wall, Its only fiberboard but I landed on a stud. Now my ring finger looks like nothing is left of the knuckle, and my pinky sits ****-eyed and the knuckle is sunken in, its swollen and hurts. Its really spongy and were the knuckle should be feels like nothing is there. So what do I do?
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How are you feeling today, I know the pain on your hand (Dr hopefully sorting) but the pain of grief have you been able to find a councellor or someone who will listen. I hope so, you need the support.

See you soon feel free to write
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The first thing you should do is get an X-ray of the injured hand. Depending on the fracture or displacement if any, treatment will include using a splint and taping the injured finger with the adjoining finger. Surgery is required if there is alignment problem, angulation problem or displacement of the fracture ends. Please consult an orthopedic specialist. Take care!

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one day you will change that name, I agree with the medical advice above, but I think it is more important that you speak to a qualified counsellor about your loss and they might be able to recommend a anger management course.

Have you thought of joining a gym and learning to box in a controlled way (you might be a natural and earn money from it or box for your country) and I can say when I am wheelchair bound I new him when he called himself stupidchoices but he is SMARTCHOICES now to be proud of.

This is from a 55year old bought up in children's home live by myself in digs at 16years,  Thought world hated me shouted against authority, until a teacher at school saw a potential in me for figures and people and reccommend that the councel find the money to send to colleage as well as diggs  So I did the rest ..........55years is a long time.

you can  put a block on any further communication from me because I am a daft old lady but I will look out for that change, bye for now
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Go to the DR. It's possible you shattered your knuckle or something.
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It sounds like you might have broken it which is a fairly common injury from punching things. Ice (e.g. a bag of frozen peas) might help with some of the pain and swelling but its best to only use it for short periods of time. Since the use of your hands is really important I strongly suggest you see a doctor as soon as you can in case it needs to be set and to prevent permanent damage.
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