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Segmenters and Lymphocytes / RBC and WBC

I just received my Hematology and Urinalysis. All is well, until I noticed that my Segmenters and Lymphocytes is not with the normal values. And I wasn't sure if my RBC and WBC count in Hematology and in Urinalysis is normal.
Thanks for the help.

RBC - 5.0
WBC - 6.4
Hemoglobin - 143
Hematocrit - 0.43
Segmenters - 0.73 (higher than normal)
Lymphocytes - 0.23 (lower than normal)
Eosinophiles - 0.02

Specific Gravity - 1.010
pH - pH 6
Sugar - neg.
Protein - neg.
RBC - 0.3/hpf
WBC - 1-6/hpf
Epithelial Cells.

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Yaaay~!! Thanks doctornee  medical!!
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YES, YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO DONATE BLOOD. Based on your results I do not foresee any reason why you cannot donate.
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Thank you very very much! I guess I had a second opinion from you. The doctor told me not to worry also. Maybe I am a bit nervous about the results. My blood type is B Rh+. Would it be possible for me to donate blood soon with my results? Thanks again and God bless!
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Welcome to the MedHelp forum!
If you are having some symptoms then wait for a week and repeat the tests. All values are normal or marginally out of range. Te out of range values are clinically insignificant. You need not worry if you do not have any symptoms. Please discuss the report with your doctor. Take care!
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