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My son is 36 yrs old, and called me this morning very worried and scared.  He thinks he had a seizure during the night.  He said he had uncontrolled shaking of his entire body.  He also experienced and episode where his tongue started burning entensely and curled to the back of his mouth.  This lasted a few minutes, and afterward he was extremely fatiqued.  I advised him to see a doctor but he has no insurance.  He thinks he had a seizure.  He has been having frquent headaches.  He is a very healthy young man, who has never been seriously ill before.  Could this have been a seizure and why would it have come upon him so suddenly?
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Yes, this COULD have been a siezure.  Siezures can be brought on by many things, like flashing lights, being startled, having a nightmare, having a fever - just to name a few.  Some siezures have no known source.  My daughter had pubescent epilepsy for FOUR YEARS - she took depakote every day and had to carry a shot of valium with her everywhere, in case she had a siezure that went beyond five minutes.  It was a VERY scary four years for all of us.  Your son NEEDS to have an EEG done, to determine if his brain is now showing epilepsy.  Find a doctor that will accept payments, borrow money, whatever you need to do.  If he has a siezure while driving or swimming, he could DIE - all because of not knowing.  He MUST know.  Please keep us updated!
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Every hospital in the United States will treat a patient regardless of the ability to pay. So this is a nonsense story about "not having insurance". If you go to the ER you will get a bill. If you have no money you request the bill to be charged under the Hill-Burton Act.  Clinics in New York see patients without the ability to pay for a flat ten dollars. And by the way, under Obamacare it is mandated that he purchase insurance. I am concerned he might have a tumor or brain bleed. The "headaches" are troublesome.  He needs an MRI and an MRA. Right now he has a problem that may be correctable. Failure to see a physician may result in further deterioration, paralysis or blindness.
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I don't think people who have a seizure remember the seizure, but he definitely had something.  Maybe it's a thyroid problem.  He needs to be seen, but an ER is the slowest, most expensive and least efficient way to do it.
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You are right. I have seizures and I can tell when I have had one but I do not remember anything about them and have also lost hours and hours with the severe ones.
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May I ask, what is the update on your son?

There are so many causes and types of seizures, one just never knows without an EEG and MRI/MRA.  I too have seizures. Cause unknown. I sometimes have an "aura" before or just feel strange, but not always. Usually afterward, I know something is not right or something happened, but never know what happened during or how much time has passed. And yes...extreme exhaustion, fatigue afterwards.

Btw, hospitals funded by the county or that accepts Medicare/Medicaid  usually have indigent programs to apply for.
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