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Sensation like skin crawling

For several months I have been getting this weird sensation that my skin is crawling.  This happens just behind my right shoulder blade in exactly the same place every time.  It generally happens for no reason that I can fathom.  It is a sort of itching sensation and then a sensation that there is something crawling under my skin.  When I rub it with my fingers it disappears for a while but inevitably it returns within a few minutes.  There is no pain involved.
Would be interested to find out if there is a medical explanation for this!
Many thanks
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Can't give you much help, but I have the same thing except mine is on the left shoulder blade.  Have had it for years, doesn't happen all the time, but I think it has to do with muscle tension.  Sometimes at night when I go to bed, I go to lie down and where that feeling is, it will grab, and I have to move my left arm a different way until it relaxes.  Sorry I couldn't help much more.  Take care!!
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Not sure, but I've seen a show on parasites a long time ago, and I just thought of it when I read your post. They showed different people w/different cases of parasites and other things (like a leach in ones man's sinus'). One had insisted he felt something crawling under his skin, he finally saw it in his eye and they were able to help him after that. Sounds awful, I know, but stranger things have happened. Do you remember any insect bites, traveled at all? Anything at all that you can think of? It might be a nerve or a muscle spasm as suggested, but if you can pinpoint the "crawling feeling," might be worth checking out possible parasites. (And this is JUST my opinion! it was just too interesting to pass up.)
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Well, hityty, you really have put the cat among the pigeons with that comment!  I'm imagining all sorts of weird and wonderful things going on underneath my skin - bugs having the time of their lives, crawlies creeping, etc etc.  No, I haven't been to any exotic places recently so I don't think that has caused it but I think I will mention it to my GP next time I visit him, just for curiosity!
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try and go get adjusted by a chiropractor, the reason i say this is bc i used to have patient that came in with not being able to move arms, tingling pins and needles feeling(crawling), muscles spasum, stiff necks, lose of grips..etc. Try that maybe that could work.....and if not try the parasite thing, which btw i saw that show about it and that is not a show to watch when u are a hypercondriate :) Good luck and write back on how u are feeling luv.
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Didn't mean to scare you or imply anyone is a hypochondriac! Sorry about the cat and pigeons, it was just a thought, and everyone has parasites to some degree, so don't worry, its just something you can ask your GP like you said! Let us know.  
: )
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Hi this is my first post.  I also have suffered with sensations of that feel as if ants or crawling bugs are crawling under and on the skin since 1993.  Sometimes the sensations would last for short periods of time - from a few minutes to hours, only to go away and come back again, days, months or year later.  

1.  Crawling bug sensation can be a symptom of women
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I've read what you said about Kundalini Rising.
I would have some questions as I think I am going through the same thing, but I don't know if you're still using this site.
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Wow. I am so glad I found this posting...great info.

I have had this crawling sensation ( I keep thinking there's a spider on my left upper back) ever since I got back from vacation. In fact, I remember the first time I felt it was while I was still on vacation, and it was just a few days after I found that I had a ringworm rash (has nothing to do with worms - fungus on the skin). Anyway I treated that for well over 2 weeks until the rash/red spot was not visible for a few days.  But ever since I had that damn thing I have felt that crawling sensation. No numbness, just spider crawling.

I'm 30 - so for all I know I'm not pre-menopausal.  There's nothing visual I can see on my back that would make me believe I have some parasite in my skin.  And I dn't believe it's Kundalini rising - it's not a sensation going up and down my spine. It's in a 1 inch radius in the same spot on my back.  In any case, this posting has helped me because I now feel a little bit better that I'm not paranoid and making this up. I'll make sure I go see a doc.
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It definitely has to be MOVICOL for me because I stopped using it for a few days and the symptom has gone!!
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It definitely has to be Movicol  for me because I stopped using it for a few days and the symptom of creepy crawly has disappeared ?
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ever thing of it being a mildly pinched nerve. same thing here right between my right shoulder blade and spine, usually caused by too many hours on the computer, pay attention if its in the area of your hunch while sitting at your computer. most people dont have perfect posture especially when typing on a keyboard in a chair that may not be best suited for their height. i went three days without sleep and spent the majority of time on this damned contraption. ocham's razor
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try checking with a massage therapist, i just worked mine out for the time being using the corner of a wall lol. should be good to go for about 10 minutes but im back in this damn chair that needs to be 2 inches 2 lower, maby ill just take the wheels off hmm....
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