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Several Problems with Body in general. Very worried.

Hello, I am a very scared. About 1 month and half ago my friend had a cigarette that was ruled up with supposely marijuana. I for some stupid reason joined in. He got it for free from some guy who did not know what was in it. I smoked it and then got home, as soon as I got home I started having problems with my body. I got severe heartburn and my heart started to beat very fast. That night I got a headache that would not go away. It was on my left and right temple. After a week I went to the doctor who ordered a CT Scan. There is no tumor which I was very worried about. I still have the headaches, just they aren't as bad and I have a TMJ appointment this week. That's what he thinks are causing the headaches. Anyway, About another week later I was having trouble breathing. It felt like I had pneumonia but the doctor said I didn't. Since I smoked that ciggarette I have felt like I am "high" everyday, and it's horrible. I am forgetting stuff a lot more now, and it's bringing me down. I also did not mention that I get stomach and liver pains throughout the day. The weird thing is my friend did not get sick like this. I am thinking it could be an allergic reaction. If anybody could help me that would be great, I am very scared I got poisoned/cancer/etc. I am generally a paranoid person. Thank you.
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Well, Im not a doctor, but I can tell you what you're experiencing wouldn't be caused by marijuana alone...marijuana only becomes a problem if you smoke it daily for a long time, in my humble opinion either 1) its psychological or 2) you smoked something different.    Cancer develops over many years, you can't instantly get it.  It is, on the other hand, theoretically possible you may have smoked something toxic because you don't really know what was inside that joint (do you?)
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Thanks for answering, I appreciate it. I really want to get better. To answer your questions:

1. It was not marijuana. I know what that smells like (As I've done it quite a bit in the past) and this was not marijuana.

2. I am afraid it is something toxic. Well, my friend did not get any health problems so it kind of rules that out. Unless I am having an allergic reaction but this has been 2 months now.

Everyday I am so fatigue and just feels like I am slowly dying. I have chest pains sometimes as well.
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Well, you said you were having a mysterious headache too right?  And you had a CT of your brain?  If you're having chestpains, ask your doctor for an EKG and chest xray (2 quick simple tests), and followed by an Electrocardiogram (simple but slightly more involved).   I would also probably want an MRI of the brain with and without contrast, even though you've allready had a CT.    Also, hopefully your doctor has checked your CBC's, thyroid, liver function, and done a complete metabolic panel.   I would also might suggest just for the heck of it a test for hepatitis C and HIV.      

These are just my opinions though, listen to the doctor before me.
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Yeah, I'll bring some of those up with my doctor. I'm about 100% sure it is not HIV, but who knows. I'll try to get a chest x-ray done. My lungs feel like they are in pretty rough shape. I just hate feeling like this. Ever since I smoked that cigarette I have felt that "High" feeling. I just don't get it.
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I am getting this burning feeling right behind my eyes, in the temple. I do have a TMJ appoitment in 2 days, but if this is not TMJ I do not know what I am going to do. I am very scared. My told my doctor about the ciggarette/joint and he said if I got poisioned I would have thrown up or got diarrhea which I did not. Can you get toxioned without throwing up, and is there a cure if you do get toxioned? Thanks.
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mfd, do you recall if the stuff you smoked tasted of smelled any different than ordinary pot?  (considering if you've ever smoked it before).   I again emphasize that marijuana alone will not cause this problem especially if you just smoked it once.

I firmly believe that yes you could smoke a neurotoxin without becoming immediately ill with vomiting.  However, I honestly doubt this was the case.    I don't know enough about poisoning to help you, but until you can find an answer, I would highly recommend spending 50-100 bucks and getting an hour long professional massage.   It will help ease your mind some and focus on an answer.    I would also highly suggest that you arrange an appointment with a general practicioner at a major University hospital, since he will probably want to refer you to one of their neurologist they will be much better equiped to handle your complex case.    Good lucky buddy, and don't smoke anymore weed for now
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