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Several Symptoms, mostly on the left side of body

Let me start with a little history, years ago (around 8 years ago) I use to have a sharp pain in my left upper arm that was so bad I would not use it for fear of it hurting even worse after about an hour it would stop and be normal. Then a few years later I was folding laundry sitting on the floor and I reached out to grab my drink and I suddenly got dizzy and I totally missed my drink my arm just did not operate correctly. Well I sat there for a while about an hour and I was feeling "off" I could not get the feeling to come back. I went to the ER had a CT done no issue, so they sent me home and told me to see my primary the next day eventually the felling came back and returned to normal. Then I would have strange bout of numbness in that hand it would start in my pinky finger some times and then slowly move across my whole hand till it was all completly numb, or it would be reversed and start in my thumb and work its way across. Now mind you it would just happen at any time no strain or injury to the hand.  Then over a year and a half ago I had the oddest thing happen, I broke out in hives that lastest a week, had an outbreak of shingles, and my pinky finger and ring finger on my left hand went numb all on the same day. Because of the hive I went to the ER again because it happened at night and I could not sleep due to the pain and itching, I was not to worried about the numbness because the feeling always came back. Well a year and a half later those two finger are still numb, so in October of 09 another odd thing happened while I was at work, half my face went numb, after about 30 seconds the feeling came back, but I felt off, so the next day I made an appointment with my primary to get a referal to a neurologist. The best they could do was a month away, while waiting for the appointment to arrive more things began to happen, my whole left leg began to go numb, and I could not move for fear of falling, then slowly the felling would return. Next thing you know my whole left arm begins to go numb and one day I got a headache. Which I have migraine, so I took meds in hopes of relieving the pain with no avail, it lasted a whole month. I went to see the neuro while the headache was occuring and that was his main concern, he order an MRI of my head, told me my arm symptoms were probally due to ulnar nerve compression, had no explanation for the other numbness. The MRI came out alright nothing found. Asked me to come back in three month. Well it got to the point where my arm was going numb almost daily then I lost the ability to move it one day when it went numb and it kinda twitched, and I developed lower neck pain, so went to see primary he order blood test,an MRI of my neck, that was over a week ago and he has not called to say any thing is wrong. Yesterday I went and had an EMG and the nerve conduction test done. I am going out of my mind because this is starting to affect my job, I cant even lift my arm up at times without it going numb, even while shopping the other day I reached up to grab something and all the sudden my whole left arm goes numb and I get this weird felling and I have to litterly lean on the basket just to keep myself from falling over. It does not seem that the doctors are connecting the dots or something because it seems like they think that the symptoms are not connected. Oh yeah a few weeks back I developed a twitch that occurs in the inner corner of my left eye and at time my vision is affect because of it. I feel that this is going to cost me my job because I have gotten to where my back is hurting and stinging so bad and the physical side of my job makes it worse. I have seen others on here with some of the same symptoms, but none of them ever give a diagnosis, am I doomed to suffer like this for the rest of my life or has someone out there found a name for this ailment. Oh yeah another new symptom is constant popping of my joints. I am a 32 y/o female, smoke a pack a day, no alcohol, 140 lbs.
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its your neck give it some exersizes up & down & round& round do this every day and you will come right
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Pinched nerve in the neck, peripheral neuropathies, diabetes, thyroid disorders, PCOD, postural hypotension, sleep disorders, electrolyte imbalance, low Vit D or Vit B12 etc should be looked into. It is difficult to comment beyond this at this stage. Do consult your doctor. Take care!
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