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Severe, persistent neck and head pain

About three years ago, I began having pain in my neck, specifically at the C1 vertebra, where the neck meets the skull. I visited my Dr. and he did a manual examination (about 30 sec) and gave me stretching exercises. However, the pain continued. I visited a Chiro, who prescribed x-rays, and said the pain came from my neck not curving. He did manipulations for months, but it would provide temp. relief at best, which became less with time. I went without care, then went to another chiro who did massage and adjustments, but again the same result. At this point, I visited an ortho, who took an MRI and said there was no need for surgery so sent me to another Dr. who prescribed physical therapy and said it was neuritis and some arthritis in the C7 region where there is quite a bit of tissue buildup. Nothing. Finally, I tried steroid injections. Nothing. I have tried muscle relaxants, narcotic pain meds, special pillows, supports and massage. Nothing. I even saw a doctor who said sinus infection and put me on antibiotics. Nothing. I am worried about the number of meds I take just to function.

My pain becomes progressively worse throughout the day, like a poker being shoved up through my neck to the top of my head. There is facial pain involved, and headaches that become so debilitating that I often don't function for more than 4 hours a day. The top vertebra feels like it is being crushed against the skull itself. The pain is on both sides - though it used to be worse on the right side, now it is equal. I am 22, and feel that this pain is restricting my life. Recently, my face has begun tingling. It began with my nose, and now my chin and cheek feel as if there are ants. The pain has limited my activity to the point I have gained weight. It is important to know my mother has the same problems as I do and hasn't been diagnosed, but my aunt and father recently underwent fusions in the cervical spine after years of pain and Drs. claiming their discs were fine. Please help.
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Post in the neurology/neurosurgery forum, it's free a doctor from Cleveland will answer... I am sorry to hear your situation. They did an MRI you have back pain? and is a family thing?
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I have been trying to post in there for days - does anyone know the key to getting your question posted at the right time? I am in the Central time zone, but can't seem to get my question in before they close.
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Honestly I'm not sure, I have had semi-insomnia  (spurts) since my brain surgery, (brain tumor) and I usually got through at early hours, I'm in the midwest. It would be like four or five AM. Have you considered going to Mayo Clinic, or a nearby pain clinic in your area? I'm guessing you may have already exhausted some avenues. I am kinda in your same situation. I am left with trigeminal neuralgia (neuropathy type). This is in your face in case you aren't familiar with it. And there is not anything they can do for me. They put me on medications to help control the pain, but they cannot do much more. Sad to say sometimes that's how we are left. Mine, they have told me, will progress and get worse as time goes on but there is nothing else they can do. I am not saying this is the end of the road for you by any means, you should keep pursuing your options and don't give up. However, you sounded like me I have posted twice in here over the last year seen multiple doctors. It's been two and a half years and it's finally safe to say I guess that this is what I have to get used to- oh by the way I'm 21, I can somewhat relate to what kind of frustration you must be going through. Post back because I think it's interesting, describe your facial pain in more detail if you don't mind...
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Quick question has osteoarthritis ever been mentioned? And the xrays were they of your whole spine? Who looked at them?
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