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Severe Left Flank Pain & Blood in Urine, Doctors Can't Figure It Out

im a 19 y/o female. i have had chronic and acute left flank pain since aug 2010.  i have seen about 10 doctors and no one can figure out what is wrong with me. i have blood in my urine, a constant fever, white blood cells in my urine, very severe headaches, nausea, extreme fatigue. a nephrologist ruled out my kidneys, urologist looked for cancer/cysts in my bladder and found nothing via cystoscopy, i have had CT, xrays, ultrasound and they havent found anything.

i am currently taking:
and birth control

medical history:
RJA - currently not active
CMV - currently not active

please help me. i have had to quit my job, put off school and spend all day every day suffering. i am at my witts end here. any suggestions would be appreciated! thanks for your time
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It almost sounds like kidney stones.... and you had a Neprologist rule out kidney involvment?  Hm... I wonder if you happened to have passed stones just before seeing him or her.  I wish I knew what "ruled out kidneys" means.  Did he say specifically what kidney issues he rulled out?

Blood in your urine means there is blood somewhere in the vaginal opening, urethra, bladder, ureters up to the kidneys.  Blood from above the kidneys would have/should have been filtered out by said kidneys.  High WBCs points to infection. Fever and fatigue points to inflammation.  

Are you taking a lot of aspirin? That can cause kidney damage.  

Have ANY of these doctors put you on a broadspectrum antibiotic?   It seems strange to have a high WBC count and not have had to take antibiotics.  Please please please make sure you are drinking water!  Keep track of  how much water you intake versus how much you output.  That kind of info can be extremely helpful to doctors!
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Hello and thank you for your concern!

Sorry I should have clarified some things a bit more.
The Nephrologist ruled out kidney stones, narrowing of arteries in my kidneys, kidney infection, kidney failure, etc. i had xrays before and after I saw her and they never showed any stones or blockages.  My CT also did not show any stones.

I do not take any aspirin whatsoever. I used to take aspirin when i was a baby for my JRA but have not taken any aspirin since gosh probably since i was 10.

The doctors have put me on several broadspectrum antibiotics, i think about 4 different ones, but they never cleared up the bacteria or the white blood cells in my urine. there has also been protein in my urine as well, i forgot to mention that before.  

I am drinking water all day long as I don't want to get dehydrated and because i know it is healthy to constantly be flushing your body with water. I also did a 24 hour urine test which showed my urine output. and i think they said it was a slightly high amount, but nothing outrageous.

Again, I really appreciate your time and input and care to this situation. Although I do not know you, it means a lot that you took the time to stop and read this and to make some suggestions and inquire about the situation.  Thank you, it really means a lot!
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Anytime :)

I'm baffled.  I usually have an idea of where to START, but it makes no sense.

Disposing of the blood in the urine, maybe diabetes?  Pancreatitis?  (That would put you in the hospital it hurts so damn much). When they did the CT scan, did they get the entire abdomen, or just your kidney area?
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Has a Gyno issue been ruled out?  i.e.Ovarian cyst  

In my opinion, this is possibly a GYN issue.  I would recommend an US or CT specifically for the left ovary.  
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Welcome to the MedHelp forum!
If kidney stones and infection and cancer has been ruled out (be doubly sure of this), then since you have IBS, consult a gastroenterologist to rule out Crohn’s and a gynecologist to rule out endometriosis. Take care!
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to M_Pounce:
They have checked me for diabetes and it was negative, i was thinking of pancreatitis myself. i have been in the hospital several times for the severity of the pain. When they did the CT they did my whole abdomen and not just my kidneys.  The pain has gotten so bothersome now that i was unable to sleep through the night and i was in pain all day so my doctor has put me on oxycontin so i can at least move around a bit more now and extra oxycodone for breakthrough pain. so that puts it into perspect just how much pain i am in.  I know, i am very baffled with this too, i really don't even know where start. it is very frustrating when half of the tests keep coming back fine and others are still off.

to Londres70:
I don't think that they have officially ruled out a gyno issue. They have done a pelvic and abdominal ultrasound. when they did that, they did check for ovarian cysts, but did not find anything. I just had my routine PAP so i am waiting for the swabs to come back now. I don't know if they particularily paid a lot of attention to my left ovary, i will definitely ask my doctor when I go back to see him next. A gyno issue would make more sense because then it might explain the blood possibly. I'm not sure.

To doctornee medical:
I was in the hospital 2 sundays ago and when I was in there my urine was coming back positive for bacteria again. I get the symptoms of a UTI like frequent urination, sometimes burning during urination, and a crampy feeling like my bladder is always extremely full even after i have just gone to the bathroom fully.  They put me on antibiotics and I have finished the course but am still getting all the symptoms. my doctor is sending me to a GI speciaist for a colonoscopy and an endoscopy(i think thats what he said it was called) so i am just waiting for the appointment right now. i know that they for sure havent looked in detail for endometriosis, so i will bring that up to my doc maybe. what are the symptoms of endometriosis or what exactly is it?

Thanks again for your time and efforts guys. it is very much appreciated. i cant say thank you enough :)
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