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Severe anxiety?!?!

So, I'll start by saying I suffer with anxiety as well as panic attacks. For about 2 years now, I've been dealing with the terrible symptoms of it. I'm a 20 year old female who also suffers depression and PTSD. Physically I'd say I'm healthy. Yesterday my fiancé and I were both violently sick all day. We had vomiting diahrrea headaches stomach and back pain. Today we feel a bit better but my anxiety is through the roof. Also having mild panic attacks. Iv been so dizzy and feel like my throat is closing. I also have a weird pressure in my head :( I always feel like I'm going to faint, which gives me even more anxiety. Then my heart races and I feel like I'm going to die. Even though iv been dealing with this for 2 years, I still find it hard to believe it's anxiety. I do use breathing techniques to cope which most of the time helps, but lately it's like I'm always in a panic. Can anyone else relate??

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my boyfriend has PTSD and he had to be on meds and talk to someone for a while. he is fine now so there is hope for you too!
you should probably go see a doctor who can prescribe you something or someone to talk too about all these issues. I cant say if your head pain is related but an mri cant hurt.
hope you get better soon!
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Anxiety can come and go. When you are having anxiety and panic attacks it is not uncommon for it to last weeks or even months. Anxiety feeds and thrives off of your fears and negative thoughts. It is not uncommon for this to stay with you for weeks. Do you take any medications? Do you have a therapist? Anxiety is built up adrenaline in your body. Our body goes through a fight or flight response when faced with fear or we are in danger. Anxiety works on this system in an overload effect. It stays in a constant fight or flight state pumping adrenaline into your system and leaving behind the terrible uncomfortable symptoms such as racing heart, sweating, dizziness. When your body is flooded with adrenaline your breathing pattern can change and your oxygen saturation to your body is depleted. As a natural mechanism the blood is pumped to the heart and vital organs and less blood is pumped to your extremities. This can cause a change in your blood pressure and heart rate which can cause dizziness and tingling or numbness of your hands and feet.  It is easy to fear that you have some medical problem and focus on your symptoms. Anxiety loves fear and will feed into it. Try relaxation breathing when you are feeling anxious this can disrupt the electric impulses in your brain and when you start to break that pattern it can help to calm your mind. If you are not seeing a counselor I suggest you to look into finding one. Therapy is wonderful and can help to teach you techniques and strategies to get through and manage your anxiety. Stay positive...
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  I know how scary this is I too have suffered from anxiety attacks and depression linked to losing my daughter many years ago.                              I totally agree with what Audrey 1122 says about adrenalin being the main culprit. I could barely function when the panic attacks were at their worst. Saw my GP who prescribed anti depressants but they made me feel worse ( suicidal thoughts) but I tried breathing exercises and also found self hypnosis very therapeutic . I also cut out caffeine and ate regularly to keep my blood sugar stable . The thing that really helped me is recognising when the attack was going to start. Feeling the anxiety rising . My cure? Got myself a dog . When the panic began to rise I took the dog for a good long walk at a fast pace. The walk got rid of all that dangerous adrenalin in the body and the panic attacks diminished. You don't need a dog though. Just put the radio on and dance round the room or walk up and down the stairs. I know exercise wont help if you have a disability but lowering caffeine and maintaining blood sugar will. Best of luck    
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