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Severe unilateral pain after internal injury

I don't even know where to start with all of this. I've been going through my personal hell as my body has been falling apart for over 6 months now. It's has been a long time since the beginning when this all started but I'm going to try to share as much information as I can remember in hopes that someone can give me any suggestions.
So about 6 months ago I was laying in bed thinking about the progress I had made recently on my depression and anxiety. I turned 18 earlier that year and I was finally able to move out with my girlfriend and things started turning around for the first time in my life. This is important because I was still lethargic all of the time and extremely thin even though I ate and had active job (Dairy Queen). Going back to that night I was trying to figure out what the source was of all of that and I assumed that it was something mental. Earlier that year I started to get into meditation so that I could "feel" all of the good and bad in my life. So as I lay there thinking I noticed that there was a large feeling of discomfort in my neck region. I touched my hand to my neck and felt what I can only describe as a "tight wire" deep inside my neck. It didnt feel like a muscle to me because of how thin and unflexable it was. Regardless I decided to try to "stretch it out" by turning my head to my left shoulder and then rotating my shin upwards slowly while in that position. In an instant I felt something "yank" upwards in my middle/upper back in between my spine and my shoulder blade. Immediately I was screaming bloody murder as it was the worst pain I had ever felt in my life.
That night I felt most of the pain in the entire right side of my face, neck, and shoulder blade area. All of the muscles in my back on the right side started swelling and spasming. I ended up going to the hospital that night but before I left my girlfriend saw that my right shoulder blade was "out of place" being way to close to my rib cage and as she gently pushed it back I felt a wave of relief (or pleasure?) before it would start moving out of place again. That night at the hospital they said there was nothing they could do for me and they just said nothing was broken and that I needed an MRI and to see my PCP because it could be serious.
The following 1-2 weeks I was resting in bed while still in extreme pain when I wasn't at work and when I was I kept it in the sling the ER had given me. After those weeks passed I laid down on my shoulder blade wrong and immediately the muscle spasms and swelling came back and the back side of my shoulder swelled like a balloon. This time not only did I feel the extremely tight wire in my neck but one going down into my arm too. The one in my arm went from somewhere on top of my shoulder blade all the way to my wrist. The tension was so bad that night that it felt like there was a mini skeleton that wrapped around all of the muscle in my arm. Not the muscles themselves but the hard things that separate them. I tried to bear the pain the best I could and then I at some point I felt something slide off of the bottom of my shoulder blade, and during my 3rd flair up a couple weeks later I felt another "wire" slide all the way up my shoulder blade when I lifted my arm. Each time I lifted it the wire moved about a centimeter upwards until it was all the way at the top "wrapping around" the neck wire that starts at the top pointy part of my scapula and goes into my neck leading up to the back of my head.
Some notes other things that happened in between then and now is; I've felt something "shift" in my neck area 2-3 times, I've felt extreme pain behind my right eyeball during the 3 flair ups, I feel a wire going down into my leg as well and one that wraps around the right side of my groin, the wire that slipped off of my shoulder blade has been slipping back on every month of so for a couple weeks causing even worse pain until it slips off again, I usually only feel one of the wires painfully tight at any given time, there are "perma-locked" hard muscles in between the right side of my spine and shoulder blade starting at the base of my neck and ending before lower back, there is one muscles that bulges more than the others and when it's pressed on I feel all 3 wires lightly contract at the same time, I've lost more than 10% of my body weight in 3 months (95lbs and 5'7"), entire abdomin is extremely tender especially the right side sending waves of pain throughout body when aggitated, pain at night can get to points where I black out and wake up the next morning.
I got an MRI on my neck first and it came back saying nothing was wrong and I had to switch PCPs because this one thought I was just trying to get pain medication. More recently I got an MRI on my shoulder and that supposedly was fine as well. I have seen an orthopedic surgeon as well as a neurologist with both telling them they didn't think it was that kind of problem but I have a feeling one if not both of them missed something. This pain had never gone away since the day it started and it's better in the mornings until I move around too much. My treatment right now is consisting of a heating pad, and kratom for the pain during the day, as well as two glasses of wine a night so that the pain is manageable enough to fall asleep. The orthopedic doctor I saw said he didn't know what it was but prescribed me 5mg Norco which did absolutely nothing for the pain in contrast to the kratom and alcohol. I didn't want a higher strength opiod in case I end up getting surgery so I discontinued the medication. I can't touch almost any of the right side of my body without being in extreme pain even with the kratom so I had to go on leave at my job 4 months ago. I apologise for the extremely long story but even with all of this I'm still simplifying everything that has happened to my body this past half year. I really hope somebody can have a dialogue with me about what could possibly be wrong and what specialist I need to visit or revisit. Thank you for reading if you made it this far and please ask me any and all questions and I will answer to the best of my ability. My body is getting weaker and I'm scared because I'm running out of time, insurance, and money and I know I can't keep living like this in debilitating pain at 19 years old without knowing what's happening.
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Did nobody send you to physical therapy for hands-on treatment?  Did you see a massage therapist or an acupuncturist?  What did the radiologist report from the MRI say (it's often different from what the orthopedic surgeon says it is)?  I also don't know what the kratom or alcohol is doing for you except making you not care as much that you're in pain, which is pretty much the same thing narcotics do.  None of them treat pain, they just tell the brain not to bother with it.  Kratom doesn't even do that, and it's not a well-understood herb as it's usage is pretty confined historically and is mostly used to get high.  In other words, so far you are numbing yourself but not trying to fix what was probably a muscle pull originally when you moved your neck in an improper way.  Sometimes stuff happens.  If you were old, like me, I'd look at what I did in my life to cause things to deteriorate, but you're very young for this kind of thing.  Most likely, again, it's muscular, and it got intense because you keep resting it instead of moving it and loosening it in a safe manner, which is what the proper therapist would do with you.  Now, as for your belief your docs are missing something, that is also quite possible.  General rule is, when the docs you have can't help you, find better docs.
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