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Severe vomiting episodes. Need HELP.

I'm a 22 year old female who has been in and out of the hospital this past year. I've been experiencing episodes of intense vomiting that usually last from 24-48 hours. I also experience lack of appetite and upper right/mid abdominal pain. Over the past year I have lost 55 pounds without trying. All my blood work has been normal. I have had 2 normal gallbladder ultrasounds, 2 normal abdominal X-rays, normal chest X-ray,  and a normal hida scan. I've had 2 upper endoscopys, on the most recent one they found gastritis and signs of GERD.  I do also have anxiety and major depression, which are treated. When I have the vomiting episodes, I am usually without a fever but sweat profusely. The episodes come very quickly and without little warning.  
I am currently on 40 mg celexa, 10 mg busparone, 20 mg promethazine, and 20 mg omeprozole.
I've seen my regular doctor as well as a GI specialist and a general surgeon. None of them are sure exactly where to go from here or what could be the problem. Any guidance is appreciated. Thank you!
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Have they tested your adrenals? Ask for a cortisol level to be done . Be well.
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When you are getting sick, is it about a day after doing activities that it kicks in, such as cleaning your home, running, weather changes, elevation changes?
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They have not tested my adrenals that I know of.
And no, I haven't noticed getting sick after activities. Im usually unable to do much because of the near constant nausea and lack of energy.
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did you start having nausea sweating and vomiting after you started taking psychotropic drugs?

you should keep a daily diary of the things you do, eat, drink etc the symptoms and keep track of the episodes of nausea. see if there's any correlations.

excessive sweating and vomiting are compatible with a Neurological problem and maybe hormonal.

you should see a Neurologist, re-evaluate your diagnosis of depression, anxiety etc. do you also have dizziness when it happens? blurred vision?

if all tests were negative maybe the abdominal pain is only a consequence of recurrent vomiting and gastritis.

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