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Shallow breathing, anxiety and menopause

For the last 6 days, I've been getting really panicky for short periods of time. My big eyes feel like they roll around faster in my head than normal and I start to feel like the room is moving. My breathing starts to feels shallow and quick, like I haven't got enough air and I feel light headed, dizzy and nauseous. I get weepy all of a sudden. I immediately an aware of my uneasy feeling, and try to quiet myself or "get a grip" by removing myself from whatever I think is causing the physical reaction...but there is no real rhyme or reason to why it occurs.

I have been on Vyvanse for more than 5 years...I am a healthy 42 year old ADHD woman. I had Rouge-n-y gastric bypass surgery 15 years ago and have maintained an average weight of 125lbs (I weighed over 360lbs at the time of surgery). I mention these tidbits, because I have read on the forums different aspects that seem to be a source of these "attacks"...

I know that hormones seem to play a big part in why weird things happen to semi-norm people, but i'm not sure if thats the case.

Anyone out there have any ideas?

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I think one of the main reasons for these attacks is some vitamin and nutritional deficiencies, which affects many processes in the body, but most importantly neurotransmitter and hormonal function.
When did you last get your blood checked for nutritional deficiencies?
If recent, could you please post results with lab ref. ranges, if that's not too much trouble? You could use dropbox if you prefer, just white out or cover your personal information and send the link on a post or private message to me.
If not recent, then you need to get this done.
I think you need to get tested every 6 months, for life.

Best wishes,

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Hi, I had all of those symptoms along with hot flashes and sleeplessness. My doctor gave me a low dose of an anti depression and it did wonders for my anxiety,weepy and and uneasy feelings. Good luck!
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