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Shingles or Not?

I thought I had been bitten by something from my upper abdomen around to the middle of my back, but now I'm not sure.  I have about twelve round red "bites"  that are growing and itching and very sore.  They are now odd shaped but I have no blisters.  I'm having a shooting pain in the back.  By the way, all of this starts from the middle of my abdomen, between my breasts, around the left side to the middle of my back.  The two or three in the back are the biggest and the most painful.  I can't wear a bra without pain, although I do it.  I've put calamine on the ones I can reach.  I live alone and I'm a 58 yo woman.  I did have chicken pox at the age of 6.  The places are bright red and on the big one in front, a part of it is almost numb if I rub my finger across it lightly.  I am in misery.  But doctor visits are very expensive on a tiny income.  I will only go if I think it's necessary.  Anyone ever have this?  Thanks for any information.
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Could be shingles but you say there are no blisters.  Possibly spider bites?  It's best to get an answer from a doctor. There is a shingles vaccine.
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If it's any comfort, the liklihood is these are insect bites. Not to rule out shingles entirely, but shingles is a nerve infection and this is not a typical presentation. On the other hand pain is associated with shingles. If shingles the virus travels down a ganglion until it exits at the skin surface. But you really need an in-person evaluation.  You need to find a local clinic. Generally for those with verified low income, the visits are generally only ten dollars. A vaccine won't help (if this is shingles) but there are anti-viral drugs available that the literature states are effective.
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caregiver222 and sunflower0962
I really appreciate your input on my post.  I did go to the doctor and although I didn't see any blisters, my doctor could see them on my back.  So I did have shingles.  I was given an antiviral and prednisone.  Also given a fairly strong pain med.  Demerol is the only strong pain medication that I can take that doesn't make me throw up.  I was given 12 pills and only had to take 4.  Although the stabbing pain is gone, the soreness of my skin is still very sensitive.  But getting better everyday.  I think that I had a medium case.  I've since seen so many pictures that are horrible. Thanks for your help and support.  God bless
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