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Short of breath 6 weeks test clear ?

Shortness of breath , high WBC ... for 6 weeks non covid any one else have similar ??
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Hello, I came down with a mysterious illness in 2013, around the time of Mers, that left me short of breath, with palpitations and fatigue. I am an asthma patient, but this was not the shortness of breath that comes with asthma. It seemed more related to the heart. I finally started recovering from fatigue when I got on to Ashwagandha herbal capsules. I read recently that some corticosteroids which work for asthma are effective for treating covid too. Ashwagandha is supposed to contain some naturally occurring steroids within it. You could try it, since it worked for me. With best wishes, Malan
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We’re all your oxygen & lung test coming back ok  even though you  felt short of breath ??
I got admitted into a hospital and went through many tests. The doctors said my blood iron levels were low and gave me iron supplements. However, I did not take them, as I read somewhere that low iron levels could indicate a chronic illness, and iron supplementation under such conditions could be dangerous. I suspected a chronic viral illness, since my shortness of breath, along with palpitations, started when I was having cold-like symptoms. All my other blood tests came back normal, so that the doctors couldn't say what the problem was. That's the reason I decided to try out this herb.
However, please consult some ********* person before getting on to Ashwagandha. Banyanbotanicals could be a source of the herb. I got mine from OrganicIndia.
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Are you following up with your doctor? I'm not sure if you're saying you had covid 6 weeks ago, or if for 6 weeks, you've been testing negative for covid?

If you had covid, it can cause lung damage, so you need to be working with your doctor to determine if that's what's happened to you.

If you have high WBCs, that can indicate an infection or inflammation. Have they done a lung x-ray? That would be the first thing I ask for, if that hasn't happened yet.
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Yes I have had x ray & v q scan all clear but when ever I have had blood test wbc has been around 12.5 high ... except for once when I finished a cause of antibiotics the footing test it was high again .. I’ve been tested for covid since it all started and negative ..... my breatheslness is causing concern yet when my oxygen pulse saturation is tested it is normal ... I just need to know what do next .
Get tested again for covid.  Many of the tests have high false negatives.  Many times physicians are reporting that it often takes 4 tests before a patient they pretty much know has covid tests positive.  Not saying that's what it is, I can't know, but you have symptoms of something that is pandemic right now and that's the first place I'd look and if you only tested once, I'd test again and make sure it's one of the reliable tests.  I believe there are only 3 of the large number of tests out there that are reliable.  Interestingly, this does not include the one used by the President, which is running anywhere from 15 to 50% false negatives.  The antibody tests are even worse, as the FDA allowed pretty much anyone and their cousin to make a test until it reined them in because of all the false positives.  You need a doctor who is truly in the know about which tests work.  Now, it may not have anything to do with covid, but again, if something is everywhere and you have the symptoms of it that would be the logical first place to look.  
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If you're saying you've had covid and still have symptoms even though you've long been cleared of it, from the interviews I've seen repeatedly on the news and in the newspaper join the crowd.
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No all my covid test come back negative
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