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Shoulder Injury?

Hi, im Cassie, 18 years old from Australia. Im a field hockey goalkeeper. Last night i had a tough game against the top team. I was saving shots, and jumping on the ground laying down on my side to stop the ball several times. But as i was doing this they whacked the ball and it hit me on my shoulder pretty hard. My padding wasnt quite over my shoulder. Straight away i felt massive pain, but played on through the night as i was the only goalie. Today its so sore i can hardly move it, and was sore when i slept! Its aching at the moment and when i try to move it up i get sharp pain!!! Any idea of what ive done? Or should i just leave it and see if it gets better. Ive been resting it all day today, and even put off my other plans :(
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Please do consultation to a medical facility... Tests could be done for to rule out other possible trauma-related injuries...
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I'm no expert especially in sports injury. Personally I think sports injuries are crazy why a person wants to tear their young body up to have one that aches and hurt all the time by the time they reach 40 sounds crazy to me.
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Maybe you should get someone to put   (icy-hot ) on the area, for that really does  help get rid of the pain.
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