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Shoulder blade pain, tingly arm and hand

For about a week now, I've had shoulder blade pain, on the right. It's worse at night, when I lay down, and everyday motions hurt. The last few days, however, my right arm has been tingly - akin to when it falls asleep, only not so bad, and it doesn't go away. Today, they achy pain/tingliness (sp?) has radiated to the right side of my neck. Occasionally, when the shoulder blad pain flares up, my underarm and chest burn as well. This is all on my right side.
I'd love to know what is going on, and if I need to see my GP or a specialist.
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Hey, charley here...
I'm no expert but I would start with my GP and go from there - my mom had some of the same stuff going on last year and it ended up being bone spurs and pinched nerve stuff - she had surgery and is doing well now.  I have had some numbness and tingling stuff that couldn't be answered by my GP - so I am on my way to seeing a neurologist in June.  Hope things work out for you - good luck!
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I am having the same symtoms. With burning shoulders, arms, chest, back. I am also having some numbness in my hands. I have been to a orthopedic dr and a neurologist. Both say I have arthritis I still don't buy that. I have had xrays,ct scan and mri. Would love to find an answer.
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Could also be a case for a chiropractor.  If the vertebra in your upper spine are out of line you can often get a pinched nerve.  The nerves run down your arms and around your rib cage.  Maybe worth looking into as its an easy fix.  I get this on and off due to general stress and excessive computer use.  Good luck!
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Sorry.....should add you may have pulled the muscle across your shoulder blade and its formed a knot.  This shortens the muscle and pulls against the spine, pulling it slightly after alignment.  Do you have a sore lump?
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