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Sick and tired of being sick and tired.

3 years ago I was diagnosed with PCOS, my Dr. prescribed 2000mg of Metformin/day, and Yasmin BCP to help regulate my sporadic menstrual cycles.  I stopped taking the Metformin, due to insurance issues, and now I'm back on the 2000k/day regimen.  
Since my initial diagnosis of PCOS, I found that I had an ovarian tumor (teratoma), in addition to a sudden attack of hypothyroidism.  In 2007 my TSH levels were 68.07, with symptoms of severe muscle pain/cramps, fatigue, memory loss, black outs, severe swelling and weight gain (40 lbs.), and excessive body hair growth, all within the span of a month and a half.  My levels are back down within normal ranges, and I'm currently on a daily regimen of 75mcg of synthroid, but I'm still experiencing some of these symptoms (Fatigue, sporadic muscle cramps, excessive hair growth, weight fluctuations, I have generalized swelling when exposed to heat over long periods of time, 'mental fog', and more pronounced memory loss).  Just the year prior, I had no problems with my thyroid.

In October of 2008 I had surgery to remove a golf ball size tumor (teratoma) from my left ovary.  For 3 weeks, I had felt better than I ever have before, I was practically euphoric.  In late November, right before my first period after the surgery, I was struck with a migraine that lasted for 4 weeks (I never had problems with migraines before).  
In December, I started having problems with my digestive tract.  At first, my heart would feel like it was going to pound of out my chest, then I started having pains in my stomach, and chest (that mimicked a heart attack), and a burning/stabbing pain in the upper right quadrant of my abdomen.  I then started having fluctuations in my bowel movements, going from one extreme or the other, from constipation to diarrhea.  This symptom lasted for 3 months.
I've had every test known to man done on my digestive tract, with everything coming back normal.  The only finding that I had was the beginning of esophageal and gastric ulcers. And I'm still having issues with my movements. I can see that none of my food is being digested, I have gastric and esophageal spasms, and I now have absolutely no appetite.

I also have been having issues with my neck and back going out of placement, as well as shoulder/neck muscle tightness, perietal pressure in my head and tingling/tightness at the base of my cranium, tingling/numbness feeling from mid calf to mid foot, bilateral stabbing/burning pains in the false rib area of my back (not kidney related), burning sensation on the left side of my sternum, chest, subclavian, and L arm/shoulder pain, and fainting.  I was also recently diagnosed with rotary scoliosis.  Now, due to everything hitting so hard and all at once, I'm now having problems with some slight anxiety and depression.

Medications I take daily are: Metformin 1000mg bid wc, 40mg famotidine bid ac, pre-natal vitamins qn wc, 75mcg synthroid qam ac, and otc antacids prn.    
Everything that has been ruled out: Gallbladder disease/stones, cardiac issues, digestive problems, Hashimoto's thyroiditis, cushing's, liver disease, pancreatitis, and all of my tests and blood work come back with in normal ranges.  In essence, I medically appear that nothing is wrong, other than the beginning of ulcers.  

Other than my PCOS, teratoma, and hypothyroidism, I was the picture of perfect health before my surgery.  
I have seen 6 different doctors (1 internist, 1 OB/GYN, 3 family doctors, 1 gastroenterologist), for all of my new issues, and they're just as baffled as I am and like to tell me "it's all in my head".  I know it's not all in my head.  I know when something is wrong with my body, and something is definitely not right.  Could all these problems be hormonal in nature, auto-immune, or could there be something else going on that we're all missing?  I would love to be pointed in the right direction, of what kind of doctor I should see, so I can have my 'normal' life back and be rid of these problems once and for all.

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance,
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I forgot to add that I'm a 31 yr. old female, a moderate smoker (1 pack a day or less), I drink between 2 & 5 cups of coffee a day, I drink water like it's going out of style, I try to exercise at least 3 x's a week, try to eat healthy,  I do not do drugs, and very rarely drink alcohol.

If there's anything else that I forgot to add, please let me know.

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Have they done an MRI of your pituitary with and without contrast?   They ought to have done that already, considering your thyroid issue.  I would ask for it if they have not.

Have you had a tilt table test?  Have you heard of dysautonomia?  Because a number of your symptoms fall into the autonomic nervous system category.  You might get a lot of helpful info if you post your concerns on the dysautonomia forum on medhelp.  Also, check out ndrf, an org that is the national dysautonomia research foundation, for helpful info..
Cigarettes and caffeine both can increase your heart rate.  You might seriously consider how you might quit smoking and drinking coffee.   Coffee also is a constipator as well as high in acid (unless you get the low acidity variety) and not good for someone with your GI issues.  Cigarettes can aggravate GERD, bad for your esophagus.
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Thanks for your reply, SurgiMenopause.

They have done an MRI with and without contrast, they found nothing wrong.
I have not had a tilt table test, but have had orthostatic vitals taken (I know they're not the same) and had blood pressure that is normal (almost always around 120/70, the highest it had been was 135/82 because I was in a lot of pain).

My heart only feels like it's going to pound out of my chest, but my blood pressure, and heart rate do not increase, it only feels like my blood pressure is raised.  My heart rate is usually between 80 and 69 bmp.

I have to have my coffee, otherwise I get caffeine deficient headaches, but I do drink low acid coffees, because of my stomach.  I am trying to quit smoking, and have cut down from 2-2.5 packs a day.  I have tried Chantix, but it aggravated my GERD even more, so I had to stop taking it.

I don't think that my symptoms are just autonomic nervous system related, because my heart and blood pressure are not affected.  A lot of my symptoms are like that of sjogren's syndrome, but I don't have problems with dryness of my mucus membranes, other than an occasional dry mouth, plus my liver and pancreas enzymes have all come back with in normal ranges.  I just had some more blood work done, but I'm still waiting on the results.  This time it included a comprehensive metabolic panel, CBC, and arthritis panel.  I will post them when I get my results.

Thanks again
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You may not have dysautonomia then.  But, here's some more info on the autonomic nervous system....Heart function and blood pressure are just two of many  components.  Exerpts from Merck, a com website:

"Disorders of the autonomic nervous system can affect any body part or process. Autonomic disorders may result from other disorders that damage autonomic nerves (such as diabetes), or they may occur on their own. Autonomic disorders may be reversible or progressive.

Anatomy: The autonomic nervous system is the part of the nervous system that supplies the internal organs, including the blood vessels, stomach, intestine, liver, kidneys, bladder, genitals, lungs, pupils and muscles of the eye, heart, and sweat, salivary, and digestive glands

"Function: The autonomic nervous system controls blood pressure, heart and breathing rates, body temperature, digestion, metabolism (thus affecting body weight), the balance of water and electrolytes (such as sodium and calcium), the production of body fluids (saliva, sweat, and tears), urination, defecation, sexual response, and other processes."

Let us know how you are!  Also, I hope they checked your potassium level to make sure hypokalemia isn't a problem re: muscle cramps.

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