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Sinus / ear infection

I have had Sinus problems for at least 15 years, initially they were confined to my left sinus cheek area, Antibiotics (Tetracycline was used by choice) were always successful at 1) relieving the congestion, 2) opening the airways in my sinuses and lungs thereby releaving the bronchitis, and 3) causing the headaches to go away. However without fail a painful left sinus/eye would tell me that the infections was still there. and it would always be less than 96 hours for the sinus issues to return.(on the left side only).
I have had over 7 doctors in 15 years, each one including Allergists, ear nose and throat doctors/surgeons would always inevitably diagnose me with "Sinusitis" , which I have come to interpret as "I don't know why your having these problems, and I don't want you to sue me, and I want your money".
After 14 years of having Sinus problems the issues evolved, after a bout with a sinus infection almost 2 years ago I have a perforated Ear drum on the left side and a strange drainage that is quite like light motor oil, it is not consistent, some times I get puss sometimes nothing will come at all but I feel pressure, however when I do get fluid out of the ear the pressure in the left sinus and ear disappears and my sinuses dry up. Without fail the fluid will refill the middle ear or wherever it is filling again  within a few min. So far I have had Doctors want to repair the deviated septum telling me that the sinuses are not draining properly and now most likely there is a mastoid infection involved, and of course that will entail yet another costly surgery to empty the mastoid and repair the perforation in the eardrum, yet there is no pain involved in the mastoid region, in addition the left side on my neck as a constant tension in it like it has a build up of fluid in the muscles, it causes me to not be able to turn my head to the left. I am fatigued constantly more so than I have ever been except for a severe case of chicken pox my daughter gave to me in my 30's.  A dime sized area in front of the left ear on my cheek became soar and sensitive and it looked like something was trying to erupt through the skin, red puffy hardened and extremely painful, then for no reason it just stopped healed over with a thin scab and it has not returned since the ear began to drain the fluid.
So I have taken matters into my own hands as any doctor so far are, frankly not committed to figuring out why I have these issues, they are more interested in cutting and breaking than healing.
I use peroxide 3% in the affected ear, at least 5 ml each day per sitting, understandably there is allot of action from the peroxide as it will kill bacteria on contact. the peroxide is coming out in my sinuses  I will allow this procedure to go for as along as 30 min, I then drain as much as possible although their is usually some peroxide left in the ear someplace producing some pressure. I use a small cotton ball and soak it in 90 % alcohol and place this as deep as possible and then push a little through the perforation (with my thumb I cover the ear canal opening and push slightly) to help dry the fluid out. this causes me no pain.
When in the shower I use a massage shower head set to massage to irrigate my sinuses, and the back of my throat on the left side. most times before I use peroxide I have also used the massage shower head to clean out my left ear, this helps as I can get the water out more easily than the peroxide, and the ear opens (I can hear better for a few min), when I do this the action of the peroxide is reduced, but I feel it go deeper in the ear and out in my throat much more quickly.
results: I can feel a reduction in the amount of fluid in the left side, the puffiness of the skin behind and below the left mandible has reduced and the drainage has slowed but not stopped in my throat. this drainage by the way set of my chronic bronchitis, I cough allot, when the drainage stops the coughing stops, Fatigue is subsiding but not gone and I feel a little stronger the more I sleep.
I have taken to using Mucinex 1200 it has a D component that really works very well for my swollen sinuses, and it dries them up so I don't have drainage and I do not cough. however it will work only so long then not work at all to reduce the sinus swelling.
Why am I hear? because I know I have some light allergies a dose of Allegra d will control, however it does not explain the continued problems with the sinus and the ear and where this fluid is coming from. I also understand the  deviated septum will have to be fixed however I want this constant infection and fluid drainage to stop and my hearing to return to normal before I allow some one to cut on my head, and lastly there are no ear nose and throat doctors within 70 miles who take my insurance, way to go government health insurance cant even get a doctor to accept their money.
In my opinion I have some infection in my cheek due to a tooth or a sinus infection that is not responding to Antibiotics any longer (augmenton works but slowly), doxycyclene keeps any problems from worsening but does not promote healing, amoxicillian also has little effect (interesting that augmenton has a slow killing and healing effect but amoxicillian does not). if there are any doctors out there who want to find out why the hell I have this ongoing for over 15 years please write me. and just to make this stranger when I am on augmenton I don't need any allergy meds at all.
Thanks for listening.
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