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Sinus infection?

I am at my wits end with what may be wrong with me!?  I was sick over the holidays with what was most likely an infection.  I had a head/chest cold that produced a ton of mucus.  The mucus stopped and I felt better on or around the 10th of January, with just a residual cough in the a.m's occasionally.  On the morning of the 13th, I had a small coughing spell and during the last hard cough, I felt a pinching pain in my temple.  Later that day, I was doing laundry and to bend over and get the clothes was excrutiating!  The pain was rushing up to my left temple upon bending over.  3 days later, as the symptoms persisted, I went to my family doctor.  She put me on Augmentin for 8 days for a sinus infection and said that she saw fluid behind my left eardrum.  After the 8th day of pain, the augmentin did NOTHING and I went to the ER.  The ER doctor was concerned about my family history and me being a smoker, and recommended a CAT scan and a spinal tap!  I had both.  I also insisted he do a full sinus scan.  The CAT and Tap came back normal.  My sinuses were a "little cloudy" on the left side.  So, a spinal tap later, I was diagnosed with "headaches"!???????  2 days later, the ER called me at home.  Someone from radiology went through my films and noticed an abcessed tooth on my left upper side!  The abscess was pushing up into my sinus cavity.  I made a dentist appt for the next day.  That led me to an oral surgeon two days later and I had that tooth and two upper wisdom teeth removed~!  The oral surgeon said he cleaned out the abcess and stitched it up, and put me on penicillin.  So, here I am 4 days after the oral surgery and these headaches are still as prevalent as day one!  Could this indeed be a sinus infection caused by the abcess?  Could I have ruptured a sinus during that coughing spell?  Could the sinus infection b taking this long to clear up?  The headaches are all on my left side.  There's sensitivity on the inside of my nose (on that side) and up into my left temple.  The pain intensifies upon movement, coughing, sneezing, and bending over.  I feel like I have fluid on my ear still as well.  I just feel like my head is going to explode on the left side.  Nobody seems to know what is wrong here.  I DO have an appt with an ENT next week. ...  Who knows where that will lead??!  Any ideas?    
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It looks like asinus headache. Sinus headaches are caused by sinus congestion and inflammation (called sinusitis). Worse pain in the morning and while bending over because mucus has been collecting and draining all night.

Diagnosis can be made by examination, transillumination, xrays, a CT scan, or an MRI.

The best way to avoid or get rid of a sinus headache is to treat the underlying sinus inflammation and, if present, clear any infection by using antibiotics. Treating the inflammation involves anything from using a humidifier to taking medicines to surgically drain of the mucous in the sinuses.I think you should consult an ENT specialist and get your sinuses evaluated.You may require sinus surgery.

Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted if you have any additional doubts.

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Every time I hear a dentist uses penicilan I cringe! The antibiotic is obsolete. There are too many strains of resistant bacteria.

It sounds like you have a bacterial infection in the sinus area. These are sometimes a BEAR to get rid of.  The little buggies find a hiding spot and make babies. Usually you require a longer antibiotic regimin than seven days.

Yup, you need a visit with an ENT guy. They usually know what they are doing.

You need to flush your nasal cavities with saline several times a day. Use a humidifier, as suggested.

I would get this addressed as soon as possible.
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I have had the ct scan and a full sinus scan and the scan shows that my left side sinuses are "cloudy".  My ear is feeling VERY full, but yet my nose feels clear!  Decongestants such as sudafed, mucinex, etc just aren't working on this.  The headache is still as strong as ever.  I cannot get to the ENT until next tuesday....hopefully I will get some answers.  I thank you both for your replies, and just like everyone I've talked to, you both believe this is sinuses....which is relieving, I guess.  However, the headache just will not subside.  
Thanks again and I promise to leave updates and final diagnosis, as a lot of times people forget to come back and let us know what it ever was bugging them!  : )
Thanks again.
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I am still a mystery.  I have been to several doctors, the last one being an ENT.  Sinuses are completely clear.  He put me on a steroid for 6 days and flonase nasal spray.  The headaches did subside, but I'm still getting them.  I am no longer on any meds and the pain is still there, hitting it's peak around 3 p.m. daily.  I am taking motrin around the clock and just can't figure out what is causing this head pain.  I don't know who to turn to next.  
I am wondering if an MRi could tell more than a CAT scan....that may be the next step...
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Well, here i am again, posting about my headaches.  I am still having them.  The tooth has been extracted for 2  weeks now.  I am not having the pain when bending over now or moving....it's pretty constant now.  It comes in waves and the pain is like a sharp shooting pain stemming from my left side inner nose up to my temple.  I am so sick of this pain.  I've been suffering since january 8th.  I had the headaches as the original symptom and the tooth abscess was found on the CAT scan.  It was a very old root canal that had the abscess.  So, could this possibly be the tooth?  Still?  Maybe the infection isn't cleared up?  I was on penicillin and then a Z pac after the tooth was extracted!  This is totally consuming my life.  I feel like doing nothing and all I do is worry that this is a brain tumor or something more serious.  I had a Cat scan and spinal tap in the ER weeks ago and everything was "normal".  this week, i have 3 dr's appts.  Follow up with the ENT and the Oral Surgeon!  I would love to know if anyone has had anything like this happen b4.
thanks for any replies....
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This may now be a totally different topic or cause, and not sinus related at all.  I was back to Oral Surgeon today and teeth are healed and he doesn't believe my pain is related to the abscessed tooth at all?!  I am suffering still from this facial/temple pain regularly now and taking 2 motrin every 3 hours!  back to ENT tomorrow for follow up........
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Still in pain.  Teeth are healed.  ENT doesn't believe it's sinuses.  Oral Surgeon doesn't believe it's teeth!  
These doctors have been NO help whatsoever!  I now know why it's called the "practice of medicine"
I guess I will stump the neurologist next!  He's the only one I haven't seen yet.

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You made a comment about penicillin.... is it possible that my infection didn't go away completely and is acting up???????????/

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#1 STOP SMOKING if you still are. Chantix works great to help you quit.. I was an avid coffin nail lover for 28 years and quit in one week with Chantix. SMOKING is the WORST thing for you if you are having sinus problems... you might as well be snorting Drano.

#2... make sure your go back to the ENT if this isnt cleared up soon. I was just given a diagnosis of the bacterial infection that causes walking pneumonia. It had been presenting as sinusitis and recurred after 2 full courses of antibiotics.

#3 .. Go to the Neuro ANYWAY in case you have some other problem that the ENT can't see... I had meningitis 2 years ago...and that was the most excruciating pain ever, luckily I survived. The neuro saved my life.
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I have exactly  your symptoms-did u find a cure?  Please help, I have had this 6 months
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