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Does anyone here have Sjogren's?  I am wondering if its possible to have this, without having the hallmark symptom of dry eyes.  I understand it can affect many parts of the body.

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Hi Ploggin if you type sjgorens and neurological disorders in on google it comes up with loads of info on symptoms etc. I have dry eyes and neuro problems no proper dx . Hope this helps. Chris
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Hunt down 'myproblem', saw last post by them at Allergy Forum
posting to someone today. They seem to know all the symptom's
of many autoimmune disoders. Also, google for forums on net.
There are several for this. Another suggestion is to click on
SEARCH box above & type in Sjorgen's. It should bring up others comments posted. Gd-luck.
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I found you first.   :)
There are blood tests for Sjogren's. It can afect many parts of the body, like all autoimmune diseases do. It can also overlap with other autoimmune disorders. I assume you have really dry mouth, but your eyes seem okay so far? What are your other symptoms? How old are you, and are you female? Dryness anywhere else - nose, vagina, etc?
Here is a link to get you started. It is on a Scleroderma site, but they always have good info. Read the whole thing if you can. It has a lot of links that will help you.

Here is a very good one from emedicine.com. Their info is usually very easy to get through, and reliable.
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I am male, and from what I understand its not that common for males to have.  My eyes are ok, but I get a dry sticky mouth and have difficulty swallowing when I feel badly.  Also, have a slightly swollen right cheek - possibly the parotid gland. I am very very achy especially in my head and neck, and have digestive problems.  I have what doctors think is muscle tightness in my neck at the base of the skull, but from what I understand there are also glands in that location as well.
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Well, Sjogren's is definately much less common in men. The ratio is 1 out of 10 sufferers is male. Have you had any autoimmune tests done? It could be easily ruled out, or confirmed by a couple of tests. Here is a very good article. Read the part about diagnosis.
I copied this out of the above article, because I thought it might apply to the lump in your cheek.
"Salivary glands can become larger and harden or become tender. Salivary gland inflammation can be detected by radiologic salivary scans. Also the diminished ability of the salivary glands to produce saliva can be measured with salivary flow testing."
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Sjogren's syndrome, as well as fibromyalgia are both conditions that can arise if you have Hep C.

Here is a link listing just some of the "extra hepatic" ( meaning outside the liver) manifestations of Hep C. Hep C does affect the liver but it ALSO can affect many other parts of the body and cause autoimmune disorders. It is a very sneaky disease and is often missed or misdiagnosed. PLEASE be tested to make SURE you do not have this virus. It is a poorly understood disease and does NOT only affect drug users.

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Thanks for the info.  I am in the process of getting the bloodtest now for Sjogren's even though I don't have some of the classic symptoms.

I guess I'll see what it says, even though I don't think its 100 % accurate.
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