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Skin Rash

I have a suddenly-appearing red rash on both upper thighs and below navel.  Rash is slightly raised, has no blisters, and does not itch.  I have not changed my laundry detergent, body wash, lotions, or anything else that touches that part of my body.  What could this rash be?
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Have you started /stopped a med? Did u possibly change brands of a med (ask pharmacy) if so call ur doc. otherwise, Sounds like an allergic reaction of some type. Usually taking a few days of Benedryl will help. After a week (or as soon as there are new symptoms or rash worsens) set an appointment w/ ur doctor if improvement can not be noted.
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Pityriasis Rosea - doesn't usually affect the thighs, but I HAVE seen it do so.  Do you have a central splotch where it all started?  It doesn't itch, and it's very red/pink.  

Hives usually itch.  

Excema may or may not be itchy.  

Heat rash or prickly heat from being overbundled, may or may not be itchy, can be painful - everyone is different, although it's typically not *comfortable*.  

Yeast infection/Candidias can occur if you're not keeping your clothes clean or you're rewearing the same clothes without washing them - can be itchy, can be painful, but again, isn't typically comfortable!

Has anyone else in your house, friends, family also developed this rash?  Have you enganged in sexual activity?  Have you shaved the area?  Over-exfoliated? Waxed?  

Mark the edge of the rash with a water based marker or pen and keep an eye on it to see if it's spreading. If it is getting bigger, get thee to a doctor! If it's not getting bigger, give it a day or two and see if it declines... if so, it's probably a local reaction to something. (Anything from an abrasion to even trying clothes on at a store.... some people are really sensitive to the starches used by clothing companies).  

If after a day or two it's not declining or getting slowly worse, get thee to a doctor!  They may scrape it and test to see what's causing it.  He or she may also give you a topical cream to try and reduce any inflammation.

Do you have any other symptoms? Cough, chest pain, fever, generally feeling ooky?

Honestly, anytime you have any unexpected changes in your body, and you cannot identify the cuase, it doesn't hurt to see a doctor.  Good luck, and keep us posted!
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Thanks for your response.  As to your questions:  still no itching, no burning, no "hot to the touch".  Live alone; only people I've been in close contact with in past 7 days  (daughter-in-law, young granddaughters, & sister) don't have a rash.  No to sexual contact, no to shaving/waxing/exfoliation.  Have dealt with several bouts of yeast skin infections in the past; this is different.  Hasn't enlarged from original area (tops of thighs, "hollow" of hips, below navel); however, has "filled in" that area since yesterday.  It's not one big solid area - numerous areas of various sizes.  Color is more deep pink than red.  Don't know if there was a "starting place" - didn't know I had it until I actually saw it and by that time, it was same size as now.  Wear clothes only once and then wash them; haven't changed laundry detergent or dryer sheet brand; haven't used different body wash or lotions.  "Heat rash" - I'm very hot-natured and don't tolerate heat well at all, so keep the house temp no higher than 65.  Haven't started or stopped any meds; haven't eaten anything new.  No other symptoms of any kind.  Am taking antihistamine and using "nystatin & triamcinolone acetonide cream (prescribed previously for yeast skin infection), antibiotic cream, and Eucerin calming creme.  Intend to call doctor no later than Tuesday if it hasn't improved by then.  Any other suggestions would be welcomed.  Thank you again for your response.
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Has anyone checked your back for splotches?

I'm leaning towards Pityriasis Rosea.  It clears up on it's own.  Creams don't work on it.  

Definitely keep us posted!
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No rash on back.  None on face, neck, arms, upper torso (except for what appears to be 3 isolated, very small areas; none on hands, feet, or below knee.  The creams I've been using haven't worked, and I've been using them for over 24 hours.  I googled "pityriasis rosea" - WebMD says usually between ages of 10-35 (I'm 60), and characterizes is as "scaly with raised border" (mine doesn't look scaly); says only about 25% with it don't experience itching (I tend to itch with even very minor rashes/insect bites/etc., and my previous yeast skin infections produced horrible itching).  Thanks so much for the information - it has eased my mind somewhat.  I'm going to give it a few days, just taking the antihistamine and using Aveeno or Eucerin lotions, as well as Aveeno body wash.  If it gets worse or doesn't improve at all, I'll call the doctor by the middle of the week.  Again, thank you for your help.  You've been most kind.
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The red spots could be tiny bruises. Deficiency of Vitamin B12, folic acid, or Vit K could be the cause. They could also be fragile spider veins. The spots could also be petechiae, which are pinpoint-sized red dots under the surface of the skin. They can result from autoimmune disorders, such as lupus or rheumatoid arthritis, bone marrow disorders such as leukemia, inflammation of the veins, as a side effect of certain medications. Please consult a skin specialist as it is difficult to diagnose this on net. Take care!
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