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Skin pain? anyone?

What now? It's always something wrong with me. I stopped even going to the upid doctors. Then I was in a wreck 9/26/08. My "issues" I've had for 2 years (rheumy dxed RA 3/24/09) are 10 times worse. I can deal with most of them. Now it's something else. I get the "slapped face" (aka:SF) when I have ocular migraines. Which ever eye is effected, that side of my face is ultra sensitive. Like cold is freezing & hot is like fire. Almost a sunburned feeling with no change is skin color or texture.
Well I've gotten this feeling other places on my body for very short periods of time. In June or July I had some kind of infection in my right ear & glands. That side of my face, ear & neck were like SF. Oh, I call it this because the 1st time it happened I swore my hubby had slapped me while we were sleeping. Any how, it didn't bother me too much. The migraines on the other hand make me feel like I'm dying. I had my 1st true "come to Jesus" moment during the worst migraine I'd ever had in my life.
Well SF took over the top of my thighs & upper arms about a month ago & lasted I guess a week. Well it came back with a vengeance 2 weeks ago left for 4 days & is back again. I am in so much pain right now. No one can get even close to me without me grimacing. My skin feels bruised, sun burnt, hot, swollen but it looks perfectly normal. I actually felt it come on around 7pm last night. My hands feet & face are swollen too. Not my joints but my tissues. I'm kinda itchy too. Can't rub my skin at all. I feel like 1 huge bruise. My upper arms, all parts of my legs, my shoulders & back. My boobs (sorry if TMI) started to hurt so bad the 1st time it took me over & now too. I figured it was something hormonal at 1st. Then I realized it was SF taking over my body. Even my pant legs touching my calves hurt. Even a light breeze hurts or taking a shower. I have to take rx sleeping pills to be comfortable enough to sleep.
When will this madness end? I am so freakin sick of getting new symptoms upon new symptoms. Sorry about the whine. I just really needed to get it out. I've tried reaching out on other boards & forums. I'm hoping someone will read this & "feel" my pain & tell me what it is. Is it a symptom of RA? If so, what can they do about it? I am nearly miserable. I try to tell my hubby & friends but they just don't get it. I so wish I could give everyone I know this pain for 1 hour. They probably still wouldn't understand. Thanks for reading such a long post! My mood is wonderful but this is bringing me down. I've got to get a grip. Take care!
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You seem to be having flushing syndrome.It may be due to alcohol use,carcinoid syndrome,certain medicines used to treat diabetes and high cholesterol,extreme emotions, high fever,certain foods,menopause or roascea.Tactile allodynia can be due to finromyalgia.

I would advise you to consult a physician and get all these possibilities ruled out.

Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted on how you are doing and if you have any additional queries.

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Thanks so much for your reply!
No alcohol, no diabetes, no high cholesterol, emotions under control, no fever, no menopause or roascea. Gonna look up carcinoid & flushing syndrome And the other 2 things you mentioned. I am hot on the inside & cold on the out when my skin hurts. No change in skin color or texture. Can't keep living with this pain. My mood is excellent but this pain is controlling me. I will keep in touch. Thanks!
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