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Small blisters on palms?

Hello. Yesterday, I noticed a cluster of very small blisters on my palms. They're so small that you need to either run your finger over them to feel them, or see them in just the right light. They do not itch or are red. I freaked out a little because I'm a person who worries and over-reacts to everything.

I did some online research and found topics such as herpes, eczema, and some others.

I have been under a lot of stress and anxiety, and yesterday (the day I noticed them), it was abnormally hot, going from 60's to 90 degrees in a day or two. I was not sure if maybe the stress and anxiety, mixed with the sudden heat made my skin irritated?

I also had very light sexual interactions the day before. I received oral sex for maybe 5 seconds, and I brushed up against his genitals with my hand once. I didn't know if herpes were a possibility.

Thank you for any information that anyone can give. I've been keeping the blisters bandaged and try not to touch anything when they are exposed, simply because I'm not sure what they are.
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It can be a form of dermatitis, especially if they are tiny, not painful and there are many of them.   It can happen as a reaction to something.   I have extremely sensitive skin, and working in a hospital environment, I wash my hands a lot, and I started getting them after a few weeks - when I went to Occupational Health they said it was a reaction to the soap, so now they have installed another dispenser at the sink with soap for sensitive skin for me.   I also cream them every night with some emollient cream (diprobase) and they seem to be healing up
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I also think it is something that you are sensitive to, like soap, maybe your sunscreen. Its not harmful and will go away.
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You may have hand foot and mouth desease, inbentigo, or allergic reaction to something. I would get it checked out by a doctor ASAP!
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