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Smoking cigs with a perforated broken throat where's the smoke going.

What are the reproductions of doing so. I'm declining from the inside out. Not just from that alone
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Do you have a good doctor to help you? It sounds like this isn't the only problem.
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There alot history so please don't bash me. History of Lyme bartonellosis hemoragging neck mass. Phyrygeal dysphagia w aspiration Barrett's esophagus, got worse by covid sars in April. Brought back old symptoms of Lyme bartonellosis. Lose of collagen burning sticky waxy skin with subcutaneous fluid filled tissues bones spinal cord compression stiffness cracked ng brittle bones. Can't speak chew swallow cough clear breathe. Drooling choking regurgitation bringing up acid,a little blood dried saliva thick no mucus production. Cauliflower ear swollen red turned hard with tonsil abcess submandibular abcess loss breathing muscles cramping shrinking neck trunk obliques diaphragm Heavy limp belly with lumps everywhere chemical burns across lower ribs sternum down center of abdomen along esophagus stomach bladder radiates into bladder growing hips knees feet numbness burning pressure and pain balls of feet vascular pain chills sweating. Liver lesion thyroid neoplasm follicular. Facial cavity is atrophied with lumps under cheeks now. Can't stand straight. Abcess ruptured on right forearm. Cramping shrinking tendons ligaments in limbs .swollen burning fishering lips crusting nose skin face thinning and red ear eyes with bacterial sores smoking making everything break down. Never like this before. There's alot more I'm basically walking vegtable jumping around rattle from throat body try to cough and clear breath at same time from shrinking and breaking down of tissues bones and nerves. Belly pulls down on everything.smoking seems to be coming out of skin and causing apoptosis to m my internals all connective tissues. Can't touch my tongue tonsils gums and upper neck abcess with my swelling squeeze locking up my back day. Will Post later. Angry at doctors haven't been any where in a year.  No doctors anymore they wrote me off a while ago when I wasn't like this. I can't stand still I keep rattling my throat where the infection or cancer is and where it perforated all the down. It a systemic issue.
Smoking seems to come out of pores burns ng and sticky losing collagen from face and whole body with skin sores
Well, it might be coming out of your pores, or just the ash and tar is staying in your lungs. If you can't see it coming out that could be happening, I guess.

Can you not bring yourself to see the doctor? No matter how mad you are at the doctors (or were when you weren't like this and they wrote you off), they certainly aren't going to write you off now. Even if you're mad at them, you must see that they are the only ones who can help now.
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