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So many symptoms... so few answers...

Hello. I apologize in advance if this rambles. I am also crossposting (with some changes) in another forum. I am a 29 year old female who has been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism with a hot nodule(this is the only confirmed diagnosis I have been able to get from 5 different doctors). I have been very sick for the last 13  years of my life. It started out with just general fatigue and muscle soreness and weakness. Now, for the last few years, there is a bulging pain I get from time to time directly below my ribcage on my left side (sometimes, it even hurts to touch). It gets worse if I eat anything greasy (like bacon) and I actually get nauseated and sometimes need to vomit to relieve the nausea. Once, I vomited 3 hours after eating, and all the food was still in my stomach. I bounce between contipated and loose(non-watery) stools. When I have a bowel movement, the pain will sometimes lessen. I also get really bad heartburn. Sometimes so bad, my throat feels like it's on fire. Symptoms get worse when I am stressed or upset (usually my heart will start racing, and my pulse and blood pressure will sky rocket.) I had a barium enema, and the radiologist said it was "basically normal", and they checked for blood in my stool and didn't find any. One of my grandmothers had polyps and died of stomach cancer, and my other grandmother died from pancreatic and lung cancer, so I am a little concerned. I am just so tired all the time, and it makes the worrying worse, which makes the symptoms worse. Strangely, I also have a few things that are asymptomatc for hyperthyroid: I am sensitive to cold and desensitized to heat, I gain weight like crazy, and I tend to be weak and tired most of the time (I do have random bouts of energy). The muscle soreness is getting worse (my left shoulder is numb almost all the time and my neck is getting very cranky). The soles of my feet are bright red and my toes are often cold. There is also a large strawberry colored rash on my right foot that develops fluid filled blisters that my doctors keep saying is eczema but doesn't respond to hyrdrocortisone at all. I am rhematoid positive and have high titer speckled ANA, but have not been diagnosed with anything. I should also point out that I took a lot of antibiotics as a child for genetic vesicoureteral reflux. If you have any insight, I would be ever so grateful!
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A few things I didn't mention which may or may not be relevant:
I am prone to acne, even at my age, which neither OTC nor prescription meds seem to be able to help.
I am constantly battling with iron-deficiency anemia.
In the last month, I have begun smelling burning rubber and smoke that no one else can and tasting ammonia.
I have severe allergies which lead to chronic sinusitis at least twice a year, if not more. Traditional allergy meds don't always help. (Claritin seemed to help for about a week and then stopped helping.)
I have an ovarian cyst.
I have trouble falling asleep, and when I do fall asleep, I seem to spend most of the night having lucid dreams and then have trouble waking in the morning (even if I let myself naturally wake up, I still feel lethargic)
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Sorry to hear about your symptoms.  Hopefully my insight will be helpful.  There are Three main things that came to mind as I read your symptoms:
1) Candida overgrowth in your gut - lots of antibiotics like you took as a kid kills bacteria in the gut and can allow the candida to thrive; the candida can lead to malabsorption (iron-deficiency and low vitamin B)
2) Celiac's Disease - Gluten allergy can cause many of your symptoms and the rash on your foot; it is also associated with many other allergies like you have; I think there are tests for this but may not be too accurate, you may just try Gulten-Free for a few months and see how you feel
3) Fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - these have been linked to the two above, but fit many of your symptoms.

I would look into all three and see what you feel fits and see if there are tests or just begin the diet (gluten-free and candida free?) to see how you feel.  I hope I was helpful and please let me know what you find out.
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