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Someone help..

I'm 22 years old and never had health problems and suddenly all this happened. My mom has an anxiety disorder so i've tried to not include things that are anxiety related as I know I probably have that.
This all started July 9th when I noticed a lump on the right side of my neck kind of under my jaw, I had an unltra sound and still dont know what it is they said I have a submandibular gland thats swollen said hes not worried but this lumps been there a while.
The symptoms i get are ;
Smelling phantom smells (once a day maybe)
Nose twitching
Gurgling in throat
Loud stomache gurgling
Trouble finding words ive never had trouble with
Slight hoarseness voice
Swollen lymph node appeared then went down a few days later
Random single hiccups
Random muscle twitching
Spitting yellowish green sometimes a little blood
Random Zaps in chest that last about a second
Dip in rib cage and a popping sound in rib cage occasionally when lying down  
Tingling in left side of body near heart and back.,

I'm not kidding those are my symptoms and They've been scaring me every day for 3 months. To the point i had to quit a new job because I'm so scared of just collapsing and not knowing why.
they started when i noticed a lump under my neck then the next day some phantom smells.  What is happening to me? What tests should i ask for ? I'm scared its brain related because of the single hiccups, muscle twitching and phantom smells.. but then the throat gurgling and loud stomache rumbling and swollen gland has me thinking other things..  someone please help me with some guidence as to what test to push for :( ?
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There are a couple of rarely diagnosed Vascular Compression Syndromes that could be causing the problems you're having. SMA Syndrome (Superior Mesenteric Artery), Nutcracker Syndrome (Left Renal Vein Compression) and possibly MALS (Median Arcuate Ligament). SMA Syndrome and possibly Nutcracker Syndrome as well seem to fit the best with the symptoms that you're describing. A Vascular Specialist would be the kind of doctor that deals with these condtions.
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