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Someone please read. Just want my life back

I am a 40 yr old female and this is going to be a long list but please read maybe you can help. Here goes I have night sweats bad 2+ yrs, hot/cold easy. Hands/feet freeze. Hair falling out and painful sores on scalp bleeding. Endeometriosis,interstitatial cystitis,cervical cancer cells came back with a vengeance had hysterectomy kept ovaries.have tmj,gerd reflux,high bp,legs hurt 24/7 can't catch breath upstairs. Constant fever 100 for months,light sensitivity burns eyes.noise sensitivity. Food gets stuck at top of throat everyday must drink when eating to swallow. Two shoulder surgeries even cut bone and still impenged due to curve. Lump over yr pre surf at blade hurts getting bigger,one at neck doesn't hurt bad and squishy oblong 3 inches at mid spine lump makes me feel like skin is flapping off sensation and hurts. Lower multiple disk dry and brittle. Disc Deng disease. Neck spine 2011 MRI slight bulge,bone growth and artifact sent for 2 MRI then 3 w/contrast still artifact what that means don't know but he said don't worry. Thanks doc tells me much body just feels beat up every day always inflamed. I have odd,PTSD and also severe anxiety disorder. I must say my memory/forgetting things going fast. Eye sight as well. Someone please what is all this about what is wrong with me. I have 2 boys no dad for them one has aspergers and severe adhd . I need to be well. My 6 Hayden with autism ask all the time mommy when's the Dr going to fix you so we can play again like you always did.  I'm begging help me if you know the answer pass this post please to others. Thank you. I'm drowning
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to the hospital
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That's a lot to go through. I hope that you will find help soon. What has your doctor said about all of this? Are you being treated for most of these conditions?
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My tablet has been broken sorry I couldn't get back .just found last yes blood test and my b12 is at 1267. Doctor never told me. Got new blood work on the 19 still waiting for results. My Dr was on vacation. I've gone from 136 to 118 in less than to months. Every time I eat I feel like my insides are going to crush my ribs makes me sick. I pray Dr will find what's wrong in blood. I'll tell you as soon as I hear. Just a little nervous 2 family members died from leukemia. GOD will protect me. Thank you for being concerned it helps not feeling alone.
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I've had magnesium deficiency so plenty of your symptoms are seen with this deficiency state. Noise and light sensitivity, anxiety, reflux, painful bladder (I thought I had IC), high blood pressure, memory issues, problems with swallowing, reflux, pain..anywhere to name a few. I can recommend magnesium chelated with amino acid. Avoid magnesium oxide. I hope you arent taking acid blockers! Kiss your health goodbye with those drugs! And those drugs are one of the many reasons for magnesium deficiency too btw.
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Thank you for your input. What are acid blockers? I'm taking the purple pill for gerd. Severe acid reflux.
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Hi. :) How are you? Are you feeling any better?
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Sounds like the purple pill of misery aka nexium which is a powerful acid blocker. Welcome to your health going down the toilet once you block stomach acid.  My mother is free of severe GERD and severe LPR after stopping nexium and taking betaine HCL with pepsin supplements to increase stomach acid and digestive enzymes to help with digestion. Some info I wrote on another answer about treatments for GERD...

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Hi thanks for asking how I'm doing. Still waiting for blood test results. I'm just having some problems still with trying to eat. A fewbites and iI feel like my insides are up in my ribs getting ready to go through them. Make me sick. At least I'm down to 117 lol. I was 137 a month and half ago. Are you doing okay? I hope all is well.
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Hi. I hope that the doctors will be able to give you some answers and better treatment soon. It's even harder to deal with these painful things when no one can tell you what's wrong, but don't give up. Mommies can never give up. :) Is there anything that you can eat or drink that doesn't give you those symptoms so much?
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Ever had your thyroid checked? Some symptoms could be consistent with Hypothyroidism, but also with many others. If only we all could find a true diagnostician like House! Good luck to you.
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