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I have small white dotted sores on either side of my buccal cavity, where the teeth touches it.They are not painful and itchy,,Its there for around six months or so.I am a social smoker.I showed many doctors,dentists,,they told it could be because of stress,deficiency .....But it is annoying.I have also got some white small sores around corners of mouth.Could you suggest me
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Do they come and go?  Canker sores usually look like little volcanoes and they're a product of the immune system - much different than a cold sore.  And yes, it could be related to stress and/or deficiency.  

I'm not so sure about the ones around the corners of your mouth - are they inside or outside of the mouth?  Do they blister?

If they're outside of the mouth on your skin, and blister, I would have to lean towards thinking that's a cold sore - which you can obtain medicine to prevent.  If they're not blistering, and are white - could they be little pimples?  Men also grow fine hair around the lips - and that can cause little pimples or ingrown hairs.

Your best bet is to google the differences and make an education guess - sometimes people use the word "sore" a bit loosely - and the resources on the internet have a variety of sample pictures to form an educated guess.  If you're concerned, I would see a dermatologist for sores outside of the mouth - the ones in your mouth, are probably canker sores - if your dentist said they were caused by stress.

Good luck!
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Thank you for replying.The sores are there,,they dont come and go often..They are there for atleast six months or so.I googled and find related to fordyce spots and asked doctors,,they told that they are not fordyce spots.Mine is small white dotted pimple like closed sores along the line of the inner cheek.I feel like something rough and not smoth there when i move my tounge over there.
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Your welcome!  The only other thing I can think of - since they are closed - is  "oral lichen planus" - if you look them up, it appear to be relatively benign unless you have a severe liver problem.

A good dentist, however, should be able to recognize that condition and I believe there are treatments for them to go away - can't hurt to ask about!


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