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Spinal Cord Stimulation

Is anyone familiar with Spinal Cord Stimulation? It is a small pulse generator, implanted in the back, and transmits electrical pulses to the spinal cord.
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my doctor is wanting to try me on this. have promblems with my feet. said alot of patient have tried it. said you can try it out for a few days to see if its what you really need. before implanting it in permantley. said batteries need changing every so often,which requires surgery. wish i could be of more help.
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My mother-in-law says retired from working in a doctor's office that uses the spinal stimulator and they have told her that they feel quite a significant difference in their pain. This is one of my options given to me by my pain mgmt doc.  He provided me with a video and a booklet regarding the spinal stimulator. Maybe you could ask your doctor for this info as well.  Hope this helps.
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After I had back surgery in 1998, and things weren't getting any better due to nerve damage done to the siatic nerve. Some of the damage was permanent and some was reversable. I was sent to Saint Thomas Hospital in Akron where I saw Dr. Kyle Tipton. Over approx. 2 years we worked on a lot of different techniques to give me some relief. Nerve blocks were done, therapy and different medications. No matter what was tried I only had short term relief. The Medtronics spinal cord stimulator was discussed with me in 2000. I had the stimulator put in and I could tell a difference immidiately. Over the next few months I was able to get off most of my pain meds, leaving me with just taking one.  To this date I am no longer taking pain meds on a daily basis and I call my spinal cord stimulator and Dr. Tipton My Life Saver !
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I am so sorry that I  am just reading this post now. I have one YEAH!! it is so GREAT. I have tumors on my nerve (neurofibromatosis) and pain medications I can't take. so in spring they put in a temporary one for 10 days. I got some not all relief until it moved when I bent over. then I had the final one put in july 3 of this year.  ph my at first the feeling is like a vibrating feeling. you think that everyone can see your leg (well that is where mine is connected to) vibrating and hear it. if I turned it up too much then I couldn't walk. BOSTON SCIENTIFIC put mine in they wre great in and out of the Or I called them several times with questions on the weekend and holliday and they called right back.  when you go into the OR who ever is putting it in (pain Doctor I assume) will give you medication to throw you for a loop then they do your spinal insertion and give you a spinal as well. then you come to (not general anesestia either)  and then the person from BS sets the area on your nerve of your spine. your tell them when you can feel the stimulation. sometimes it can take a while other times very quickly, mine was very quick. went ot recovery (you might spend then night in the hospital, i didn't) then the people from BS come in and teach you how to set your programs.  
The recovery is VERY DIFFICULT (well I have 4 boys so it makes it harder) but here is what you can't do for the time
Lift, bend, put your hands over your head. for 10 weeks, yes 10 weeks. until you get your staples out your can't shower or bath. that is yucky. I my beautician wash my hair every so many days. you can' not drive with it on. you can not have a MRI or any types of magnetic test done. you will set of a security dectector at places like a court house or airport. (they give you a card when you leave the hospital to show the security people)
you can also pull the final one out of your spine, like i did the first week it was in then it is a little more intense surgery to put it back in place but well worth it.
Charging the battery depends on how often you use it. at least every 4 days. the little device goes into a fatty part of your buttock. yeah you can feel it at times in there but you do get use to it.
I had mine done at Dartmouth hospital in New Hampshire.
If you need anymore information you can write me. I  hope you do get this and it helps, no pun intended.
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