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Spinal misalignment adjustment not holding/Undiagnosed symptoms need help???

Went from Urgent Care > ER > ENT > Neurologist > NUCCA to Blair Chiropractor. Dealing with what they first diagnosed as vertigo about a year and a half ago now until the NUCCA diagnosed it as spinal misalignment about a year ago and a Blair Chiropractor diagnosed the same 6 months ago - C1/C2 Misalignment with Lumbar Misalignment right leg.

I am thinking when my back and neck hurt is when I feel the most dizzy and off balance. My urine, blood, CT of head/cervical spine, Xrays of back/neck, MRI of brain have all came back good. It was only the NUCCA and Blair xrays that actually showed something which was the misalignment. My Blair Chiropractor is good but been seeing him for about 6 months and after he adjusts me I'm good for a few days but than I fall back into the suffering symptoms.

I just seen a neurosurgeon which had me do all new xrays, CT and MRI and he said he was stumped there was nothing he could do but I didn't need surgery. I even told him I know something is wrong any suggestions of who to see and he didn't know. I can barely stand up still and am always dizzy and am only 30 years old.

The NUCCA/Blair Chiropractor is only temp relief and I've tried it for over a year and have all the same issues i did a year ago.

I have also had an EEG which was good as well as a B12 Folate Test which was also good. I have an EMG scheduled in a few weeks. I have the below symptoms:

Dizziness 24/7
Off Balance
Neck/Back Pain
Hand Weakness
Leg Numbness (Worse at Night)

I am just at the point where its hard to function in life and I've seen everyone I could think of. I want to avoid surgery but I am kind of lost now of what to do. Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated. Or any tests that I haven't done that you think I should do.  Thank you.
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As someone that suffered horrible vertigo, I feel for you!  My issue was inner ear related and once that was sorted out, it has gone away.  I have Eustachian tube dysfunction that 'can' reappear but only does so in episodes and I haven't had one in a very long time (knock on wood). It's terrible and debilitating.  Do you also get nauseated with it?  I usually have a headache as well and can't do anything but 'lay' still.  

I have talked about this over the years to different people who have told me that they have vertigo and there are different things that can happen. You've been found to have a misalignment that triggers it.   I found this article.  https://nuccabritishcolumbia.com/vertigo-linked-improper-alignment-upper-cervical-spine/  When you say chiropractic care is temporary, how long does relief last?  Perhaps seeing a chirpractor regularly for a while is necessary.  

This article has some different treatment options including sensory motor control exercises that you would likely be able to learn/do with a physical therapist and mobilization. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7609854/  

I hope you find a good solution!  Stay in touch
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Hello thabk you so much for that information! Yes I ajve severe dizziness for over a year now 24/7 but no nausea. I am actually seeing an ENT/Balance Specialist in 2 weeks that specializes in vertigo so hopefully he finds something out. When I see my upper cervical chiro the relied maybe lasts a day or 2 but it's just relief I'm so dizzy. I am still dizzy :(
Ugh, I really hate that for you.  I had bouts that lasted for several days and it is hard to function when so dizzy.  I was afraid to drive and falling is a real risk. I sadly had terrible nausea too.  Ugh. Okay, so this is off the wall but it is something that I've tried that DOES help me.  I do it as soon as I feel ear fullness which is one of my signs I'm about to head down the dizzy path again.  I take an antihistamine like loratadine or brand name claritin. I have seasonal allergies so take it in the fall any way.  I then take during the day and pretty sparingly, so usually maybe one or two days in a row, I may take pseudophedrine. It is otc but you have to ask the pharmacist for it.  It makes me a bit too peppy for sleep so I never take it before bed. I get pretty desperate to make the symptoms of this go away. Ask your ENT that you are seeing about this. Apparently, there is some thought to a nerve that gets inflamed that  this helps.  This information is important to read as well. https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/vestibular-neuritis  
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