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Spitting up blood

I am a 31 year old, female, ex smoker, who has been spitting up blood for several months.  its a small amount. worse if i take aspirin.  no shortness of breath, no cough.  Occasional gray specks in mucus.  ct chest negative, ct sinus negative.  very nervous.  any suggestions.  
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When you say spitting up blood, do u mean you cough really hard and the result is blood tinged? Aspirin is a blood thinner so the incidence of spitting up blood will be higher while taking this medication. Do you have sinus trouble normally? Sinus can still be the cause. Pneumonia in the past? Grey specks could indicate bacterial infection but only a culture of the sputum can confirm this. Are these episodes of coughing up blood accompanied by any other symptoms? Do you have abdominal pain, do you ever have bloody stools? Gastrointestinal problems like ulcers can also be the cause but not likely given that it is only a small amount. Do you have nose bleeds? Pain in throat? I think with the ct scans someone is definitely on the right track. Be patient and try not to think the worst scenario. It could be something really simple. Pay attention to what happens before and after these episodes. (Wishing you well)
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Sounds like you need upper endoscopy to check for an ulcer.
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One thing you have to bear in mind is that smoking give lung cancer and aspirin always make bleeding worse. so i think you should see an doctor more examination and never use aspirin while bleeding.
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